The USA’s Top 200 Golf Courses Ranked

16 February 2009 Respond to this article

The USA’s Top 200 Golf Courses Ranked

16th February 2009

For the First Time – the USA’s Top 200 Golf Courses Ranked

Top 100 Golf Courses, home of the most informed golf course rankings in the world, is pleased to announce America’s Top 200 Golf  Courses for 2009.

The Top 100 website has featured Top 100 rankings under various categories for a number of years. To  acknowledge the number of great courses in the US, we have now ranked  and listed the Top 200 Golf Courses of the USA for 2009.

This is especially useful because, due to logistics, most golfers cannot play a significant proportion of the Top 100 courses of America  as listed by other golf publications. So we believe by extending the  list to 200, golfers throughout the States will have a more realistic  chance of playing a top ranked course.

The ratings on the Top 100 website blend rankings from all of the  leading publications, and then our readers have the opportunity to  influence these figures via the ‘write a review’ facility on the  website, which includes the ability to rate a course between 1 and 6  golf balls (where 6 is the highest rating). Currently there are more  than 30,000 golf course reviews posted online by golfers from all  around the globe.

Top 100 Golf Courses is truly independent, having no association with  any magazine publications.

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