Top 100 Golf Courses doubles up in Germany

10 January 2018 Respond to this article

Top 100 Golf Courses doubles up in Germany

Hamburger Golf Club Falkenstein

It has been a quiet year for German golf. Another Ryder Cup aspirant surfaced (little-heralded Gut Wissmanshof), which hardly qualifies as news, considering the fuddy-duddy campaigning of previous years. As always the German Golf Federation claims that the game is still growing and a handful of new courses have actually opened. Perhaps 2018 will be a bit more eventful? Certainly the pending rules changes have inflammatory potential. Plus, we're starting off the year with our own little routine of shaking up the status quo.

Even though our German Top 50 chart is showing no signs of losing steam, we've decided to take a brave leap into the unknown and created a second fifty. Data is hard to come by for those often relatively dark horses, but we've got to start somewhere and so here it is, our very first instalment of a German Top 100. Hopefully the added visibility will lead to an influx of reviews and rating data, not to speak of spirited discussions.

Golf Club Föhr

However, for the time being the focus should remain on the Top 50. The most spectacular move was that of the 27-hole complex on the island of Föhr, which leap-frogged a whopping twenty-two competitors to break into the Top 5. The long-term redesign effort at Golf Club Föhr led by Christian Althaus will soon enter its second decade and what has been produced so far is nothing short of stunning.

Winston Open course

Equally impressive is the sometimes overlooked Winston Open, which rises by eighteen spots. While it probably won't topple its sister course, the #4 ranked Winston Links, it does sit at a well-deserved #13 now. Other big winners include Schloss Klingenburg (#38 to #18) and Hubbelrath East (#5 to #3), which enjoyed a favourable visit by Tom Doak recently.

Among the downward trending courses are a number of former leaders, who put too many eggs in the exclusivity basket and design-wise chose to tread in the footsteps of foreign archetypes. Stalwarts like Sporting Club Berlin, Gut Lärchenhof, Seddiner See, Frankfurter, St. Leon-Rot and Stuttgarter Solitude have been sliding down the table for a number of years. Köln at least is holding on to the Top Ten, first reports about their ongoing bunker renovation have been encouraging.

Hofgut Georgenthal

Entering the Top 50 for the first time are Tegernseer Bad Wiessee (#27) with its FC Bayern angle, the mountain course of Oberstaufen-Steibis (#29) and “the links in the woods” at Hofgut Georgenthal (#34). Debuting at #40 is Augsburg-Burgwalden, Bernhard Langer's home course, where he started his career as a caddie and at #43 you'll find the oddball track at Golf Club Varmert. The last, but most likely not the least of the new entries in the top half of the table is Hamburg Walddörfer at #46, fresh off a Christoph Städler renovation.

As always, if you don't agree with our rankings (and even if you do!), we would be most obliged if you contributed a review with your side of the story. You can also tell us off via email and expect a meaningful response, but none of our combined wisdom will then benefit the rest of our readers, so share your thoughts by clicking the "Respond to this article" link at the top and bottom of this page. As it stands, we do not want our rankings to end all discussions, but rather to facilitate them.

Rank/ Course Move
1 Hamburger Falkenstein No change
2 Budersand Sylt No change
3 Hubbelrath (East) Up 2
4 Winston (Links) Down 1
5 Föhr (Rot & Gelb) Up 22
6 Hardenberg (Niedersachsen) Up 2
7 Wendelinus (A & C) Up 6
8 Jakobsberg Up 8
9 Taunus-Weilrod Up 8
10 Köln Up 1
11 Mittelrheinischer Bad Ems Up 1
12 St Dionys Down 6
13 Winston (Open) Up 18
14 Sporting Club Berlin (Faldo) Down 10
15 Sonnenalp (Oberallgäu) Up 7
16 zur Vahr Bremen (Garlstedt) Down 7
17 Bad Münstereifel Up 6
18 Schloss Klingenburg Up 20
19 Schloss Langenstein Down 1
20 Gut Lärchenhof Down 10
21 Altenhof No change
22 Sporting Club Berlin (Palmer) Down 7
23 Seddiner See (Süd) Down 9
24 Frankfurter Down 17
25 Bad Neuenahr Up 9
26 Berlin-Wannsee (Championship) Down 6
27 Tegernseer Bad Wiessee New entry
28 Feldafing No change
29 Oberstaufen-Steibis New entry
30 Hamburger Hittfeld Down 6
31 St Leon-Rot (Rot) Down 12
32 Beuerberg Down 6
33 St Eurach Down 3
34 Hofgut Georgenthal New entry
35 St Leon-Rot (St Leon) Down 10
36 Ostsee-Wittenbeck (Eikhof) Down 7
37 Lübeck-Travemünder (Red & White) Down 1
38 Habsberg Down 1
39 Schwanhof Down 4
40 Augsburg New entry
41 Schloss Wilkendorf (Sandy Lyle) Down 9
42 Rhein-Wied Up 5
43 Varmert New entry
44 Regensburg Down 1
45 Stuttgarter Solitude Down 12
46 Hamburg-Walddörfer New entry
47 Dresden Elbflorenz Down 3
48 Hanau-Wilhelmsbad Down 7
49 Weimarer Land (Goethe) No change
50 Lindau Down 8
51 Krefelder Down 5
52 Bergisch Land Down 4
53 Spessart New entry
54 GreenEagle (North) Down 15
55 Bodensee Weissensberg Down 10
56 Donnersberg New entry
57 Berliner - Motzener See Down 17
58 Norderney New entry
59 Burg Zievel New entry
60 Bad Orb New entry
61 Schloss Maxlrain New entry
62 Rheinhessen New entry
63 Westfälischer Gütersloh New entry
64 Siegen-Olpe New entry
65 St Peter-Ording New entry
66 Aachener New entry
67 Freudenstadt New entry
68 Olching New entry
69 Pottenstein-Weidenloh New entry
70 Achental New entry
71 Bad Waldsee (Old) New entry
72 Lauterbach New entry
73 Münchener (B & C) New entry
74 Oberzwieselau New entry
75 Kitzeberg New entry
76 Winnerod New entry
77 München-Riedhof New entry
78 Bad Vilbel New entry
79 Sonnenalp (Sonnenalp) New entry
80 Bad Waldsee (New) New entry
81 Hamburg-Ahrensburg New entry
82 Buxtehude New entry
83 Garmisch Partenkirchen New entry
84 Artland New entry
85 Gut Häusern New entry
86 Nahetal New entry
87 Grevenmühle New entry
88 Mainzer New entry
89 Haxterpark (Haxterhöhe Links) New entry
90 Aschaffenburg New entry
91 Wiesensee New entry
92 Hardenberg (Göttingen) New entry
93 Starnberg New entry
94 Maria Bildhausen New entry
95 Balmer See (Blue) New entry
96 Gut Kaden (B & C) New entry
97 Bad Griesbach (Brunnwies) New entry
98 Wittelsbacher New entry
99 Main-Taunus New entry
100 Emstal New entry

To view the complete detailed list of the Top 100 Golf Courses of Germany click the link.

Ulrich Mayring
German Correspondent