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Top 100 Golf Courses website just got better!

11 October, 2008

The Top 100 Golf Courses website just got better!

11th October 2008

We've redesigned our website and upgraded our infrastructure.

We've not communicated with you for ages because we've been busy redesigning the Top 100 website and adding lots of new content. We think our new Top 100 website is much improved and we hope you agree. Naturally we'll be glad to hear what you think, especially if you'd like us to make future improvements to the site.

Our regular website visitors noticed the bumpy ride for the last month or so and I'd very much like to thank you for sticking with us during the challenges of upgrading.

So what have we done?

The answer is we've done lots but you'll need to check the site for yourself to enjoy all the new functionality. But here's a brief summary:

1. We've gone to a wider screen format and we've also added advertising capability to the website, as we have to make some money in order to keep the site running and improving. Our advertising will not be intrusive and hopefully you'll also find it relevant.

2. We've added an RSS feed to our ever-popular course review facility so you can automatically keep track of all course reviews as and when they are posted. You can also view the latest 50 course reviewsat the click of a button. Additionally we've added an RSS feed to our much-improved Top 100 News Channel. Why not subscribe to both RSS feeds. they're easy to use, informative and completely free of charge.

3. We've added better search functionality. On a constantly available 'toolbar' you can search for golf courses in three easy ways:

1) On "Top 100 Worldwide Search" find courses by continent, country or area,

2) Use "Course Search" to find courses by name, and

3) you can now use our "Site Search" to search the entire Top 100 website using our own "Google Custom Search" facility. Have a play with our new search tools, we're sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for.

4. We've added more than 300 top courses to the website since our last newsletter. We're getting closer to our objective, which is to showcase the world's greatest courses, but we're not there yet by any means, but we're getting there slowly but surely.

5. We've upgraded our infrastructure and moved to a new server to cope with more visitors, bigger and better graphics and an increasing number of web pages.

6. We've published a new list of the Top 100 Golf Courses of Continental Europe, which was a big undertaking for us. We're also close to completing the first complete USA golf course rankings, which will extend to more than 300 top US courses and additionally we've just completed the first ever Top 100 Golf Courses of Spain rankings.

In addition to the above, we've recently joined the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO), in fact, we are their first approved golf website. On a personal basis, I have been accepted as a member of the International Golf Travel Writers Association. The by-product of these two affiliations is that we'll be able to keep you updated with all that is new in golf travel destinations.

We think you'll agree that the "most informed golf course website in the world" has just got better, but please let us know where you'd like to see further improvements.

Kind regards,

Keith Baxter



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