USA Best In State Golf Course Rankings Launched

22 February 2012 Respond to this article

USA Best In State Golf Course Rankings Launched 

Top 100 Golf Courses extends its rankings to “Best In State”  

22nd February 2012  

The independent website, Top 100 Golf Courses, is excited to announce that it is extending its golf course rankings to focus on the USA’s “Best In State” golf courses.  

Top 100 Golf Courses features thousands of golf courses in more than 150 different countries in numerous ranking categories. After having extended our rankings for British & Irish counties and regions in 2011, we have progressed naturally to the USA. The Best In State process has started and will hopefully complete by June 2012. 

Numerous golf magazines have published Best In State rankings for some years, so our process is not unique. However, we have decided, in the case of a number of US states, to increase the number of ranked courses. This means that we will provide not only a more comprehensive list, but also far more information that will be permanently and freely available online to browsers.   

We’ve focused our attention initially on eight US states; Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina and South Carolina. The process included gathering all historical golf course ranking/rating data and polling professional and amateur golfers and golf journalists.  

Development of this new Best in State initiative is at an early stage, but we’ll keep you updated via periodic announcements across the Top 100 News Channel on the website and via Twitter. So, if you are not following us already, we hope you will now!  

To find out more about our Best in State rankings please navigate to our dedicated US state pages by clicking on the following links:  

Alabama Best In State Golf Courses (Top 10)
Arizona Best In State Golf Courses (Top 30)
California Best In State Golf Courses (Top 50)
Florida Best In State Golf Courses (Top 50)
New Hampshire Best In State Golf Courses (Top 10)
New York Best In State Golf Courses (Top 40)
North Carolina Best In State Golf Courses (Top 30)
South Carolina Best In State Golf Courses (Top 30)

The Top 100 Team   

If you are passionate about your home state’s golf courses and would like to help us further develop this initiative, then please send an email to [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.