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WWII bunker found on golf course

24 June, 2008

Workers renovating the course at the Marriot St Pierre Hotel and Country Club near Chepstow, Monmouthshire discovered the bunker.

It is thought it was used by an undercover army unit based in the area during the war years called Abraham Patrol.

It was found near the 5th green on the Old Course.

The golf resort has hosted events like the Solheim Cup and other European Tour events.

The bunker came to light after an appeal by the local newspaper in the area, The Free Press, was made on behalf of Chepstow gallery owner, Josephine Jones.

She had discovered her father was a member of a secretive army unit in the area called Abraham patrol and readers contacted the paper with information about a possible bunker at the course.

Workers at the golf course then located the bunker and Ms Jones, whose father Brian Kerruish would have used the bunker to launch guerrilla attacks on enemy forces had an invasion occurred, went to visit the site.

She said: "It certainly was emotional coming here and imagining my father crawling around in this bunker.

"It looks like just a hole in the ground but if you look inside you can see the brick work that was done to build the bunker."

Golf Course Manager, Stewart Wood, added: "We discovered a hole in the ground a few months ago as we started to refurbish the course and did not know where it came from."

"It's fascinating to find out that it was a war bunker, I had a look inside, but all you can see are old golf balls."

From: BBC


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