The Chugoku region is situated in the southwest corner of Honshu, the largest of Japan’s islands, and it’s bounded to the north by the Sea of Japan, with the Seto Inland Sea running along its southern coastline.

Around seven and a half million people live within Chugoku’s five prefectures, the largest of which is Hiroshima. The Hiroshima prefecture is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites: The Genbaku Dome, a memorial to the tens of thousands killed by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima city on 6 August 1945 and The Itsukushima Shrine, a 16th century Shinto shrine where the iconic torii gate appears to float on water at high tide.

Top 100 Golf Courses - Chugoku


1st Chugoku - Best in Area

Founded in 1956, the course at Shimonoseki Golf Club was designed by Osamu Ueda and proudly played host to the Japan Open in 1991 (won by Tsuneyuki Nakajima) and 2002 (won by David Smail).


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