François Gacougnolle

François is our Alpine Correspondent who learned to play golf in France over 20 years ago. Despite his 20+ handicap his love for golf has blossomed and he has played some 300 courses in numerous countries near and far from his base in Switzerland. His current favourite courses include Elie, East Lake, Lausanne, Biella, Chantilly (Vineuil) and Les Aisses, but he is always willing to explore fairways and rough at new venues.


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Gut Altentann 22/06/2017

4th Austria Ranking
Going to play a Jack Nicklaus course for the first time, one always has (or should have) high expectations. Mr. Nicklaus is known for his well-entrenched rules of golf co...


Föhrenwald 22/06/2017

19th Austria Ranking
Föhrenwald may have lost its main claim to fame, the Ladies European tour event which took place eight years in a row at this location, but it is still a very good golf c...


Fontana 15/06/2017

1st Austria Ranking 69th Continental Europe Ranking
I have to admit that when I drove into the Fontana golf club premises, I was shocked. I had driven through the west of Austria, hill after valley and mountain after gorge...


Adamstal 15/06/2017

2nd Austria Ranking 85th Continental Europe Ranking
If you are planning to play golf in Austria, and especially if you are anywhere around Vienna, Adamstal is a must and will most probably be the highlight of your experien...


Eichenheim 13/06/2017

7th Austria Ranking
When it comes to mountain golf courses, there is always a lot of room for discussion and controversy as to the value of the course, the difficulty due to terrain or distr...