Mark White

I am approaching playing 725 different golf courses, of which I consider 475 of them worth playing if in the area. I don't chase "lists" but I look at them to see whether a course worth playing is nearby on my travels. I have my own rating system and have ranked every course I have played and recorded every score since 1993. My golf bucket list is to play in every state in the USA (43 so far) and 20 countries. I lived in England from 1993-1998 and am a member of a club in Scotland so I continue to go every year to the U.K or Ireland. I have played in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Tunisia, UK and the USA but have yet to play in Japan. S. America, Asia, many countries in Europe or the Caribbean. So much little time.


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Riverfront 03/11/2019

30th Virginia - Best in Area
I played Riverfront today (November 2, 2019) with two people, a friend and a person paired with us whose “ringer” score at the course is -26 (one ace, one albatross, and...