Fraser Bott

I took up golf 'properly' (joining my first club) in 2016 at the age of 38 due to my then 9 y/o son expressing an interest in the game. Now, 4 years later, having started off 28h/c, I now play off 15.9 and happy to say I'm still coming down. This fall has largely been attributed to playing many different courses around Wiltshire and the South West and learning from each of them.

I love the game. I love the experience of a new course or returning to a more familiar course with a friend who hasn't played there before. The course is more important than the off course facilities for me but I've tried to remain impartial in any reviews.

Happy golfing!


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Tidworth Garrison 31/08/2020

3rd Wiltshire - Best in Area
Tidworth GC is probably my most regular option when choosing away from my home course. A course that I initially didn't like has grown on me and I look forward to visitin...



Kingsdown 31/08/2020

4th Wiltshire - Best in Area
I have played Kingsdown GC 4 times now and while I'll definitely return, I find it's not the most inspiring course in Wiltshire. The course is well maintained and the gre...