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Musselburgh (Old) 05/08/2010

Gem Scotland - Best in Area
Well, after being told by everyone in Scotland that Old Musselburgh is absolutely not worth playing, flat and boring, it was probably the most surprising course on my tri...


Rustic Canyon 13/08/2009

16th California - Best in Area
Finally - I've been waiting so long to see Rustic Canyon included in the rankings, it must be the most underrated course in California. Let's start at the club itself - m...


Hossegor 25/02/2009

6th South West France - Best in Area 26th France Ranking
In my opinion, Hossegor is by far the best course in the area. While I was very disappointed with Moliets and Seignosse, Hossegor was surprisingly good. The course has un...


Moliets 31/12/2008

5th South West France - Best in Area 22nd France Ranking
When I knew that I would be going to play Moliets, I took a look at this website and I saw that it's ranked 3rd in France. So I expected a very good course, a course that...


Aviara 07/12/2008

73rd California - Best in Area
As a european I am normally a fan of natural courses, especcially the links of the British Isles. But that morning I played at Aviara was so magic that I have to make an...


Kapalua (Plantation) 23/10/2008

2nd Hawaii - Best in Area
In my opinion the plantation is the best course on the hawaiian islands and one of the greatest modern courses in the U.S.. Every hole is different, the design is excelle...


Frankfurter 16/05/2008

6th South West Germany - Best in Area 24th Germany Ranking
This is a good course. It had once been a great course, in the times before redesigners over redesigners came to Frankfurt. There seems to be nothing left of the original...