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Cottesloe 04/01/2015

9th Western Australia - Best in Area 81st Australia Ranking
I think I read somewhere that Cottesloe is a 3/10 course on a 9/10 site. I find it difficult to argue. Lovely piece of sandy land on the coast with nice big dunes and l...


Mount Lawley 04/01/2015

8th Western Australia - Best in Area 71st Australia Ranking
Competes with Cottesloe for title of the worst course on the best land in Perth.Good bones of a layout, but butchered by amateurish and architecture. Bunkers and greens...


Royal Perth 04/01/2015

14th Western Australia - Best in Area
The least of all the Royal Clubs in Australia, in golf course terms. But then it sits on the least piece of land, so I guess that is forgivable.Impressive that they actu...


Lake Karrinyup 13/12/2008

1st Western Australia - Best in Area 21st Australia Ranking
Holy guacamole batman - what a course. We simply do not have courses like this in America, or if we do I am not allowed on them. Taken out by a member friend on a sunny w...