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Newcastle 27/07/2016

3rd New South Wales - Best in Area 16th Australia Ranking
15th in the nation is about right for Newcastle. This is an extremely good golf course. I played it twice this week, on both occasions in at least a 3 club breeze. It...


Port Fairy 02/10/2014

24th Victoria - Best in Area 54th Australia Ranking
I think top 100's ranking of #29 is about right for Port Fairy. Other Australian based rankings have it way too low. Having played in a number of times over the past 20 y...


Royal Queensland 28/07/2014

1st Queensland - Best in Area 25th Australia Ranking
A vast improvement over the previous course. RQ is now in the upper echelon of Australian golf courses and in my view is clearly the best course in Queensland. Clayton's...


National (Ocean) 27/04/2014

20th Victoria - Best in Area 41st Australia Ranking
I dont understand this course. It is a worthy course in that it tests all elements of your game, but it just feels like it was a missed opportunity on what is the very be...