Michael Budgen

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Tandridge 15/11/2018

18th Surrey - Best in Area 78th England Ranking
Having played Tandridge every now and then over the years it's a great example of how a course can improve with the right thinking, not overly long, but with the addition...


Sutton Coldfield 12/09/2018

2nd Warwickshire - Best in Area
Played SCGC recently, the clubhouse is across the road, but was atmospheric. Don't let the 1st two holes fool you, (could they be combined to form one par 4 ?) after that...


Royal Cromer 21/08/2017

4th Norfolk - Best in Area
Played here last week, for me it is an excellent course, with only one 'average' hole, the 16th, my overall sense of this course was fun, it wasn't overly long, although...


Hankley Common 21/08/2017

7th Surrey - Best in Area 26th England Ranking 61st Britain & Ireland Ranking
I have been lucky enough to play here twice now, once in October, and again in May, and I believe it to be a fantastic course, full of variety, of shape and length of hol...


New Zealand 19/09/2016

15th Surrey - Best in Area 60th England Ranking
Fantastic course, a real feeling of stepping back in time, to simple pleasures, would thoroughly recommend a 36 hole visit with lunch between, an easy walking course, dec...