Tim Stockil

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Tamarina 30/11/2017

6th Mauritius Ranking
I played Tamarina in July 2017 as I was staying in a hotel relatively nearby. It is a lovely course, and the setting is very striking, what with the river and the estuary...


Heritage Golf Club 04/11/2014

2nd Mauritius Ranking
I played here (quite a few times) with my family in April 2012, staying on an all-inclusive package at the Heritage Awali hotel, and, because the golf course is part of t...


Huntercombe 14/04/2010

1st Oxfordshire - Best in Area 94th England Ranking
Huntercombe is indeed old-fashioned. I wouldn't want to be an "artisan" seeking entrance to the members' club house, for example, and woe betide you if you wear shorts w...


Banff Springs 13/04/2010

2nd Alberta - Best in Area 5th Canada Ranking 59th North America Ranking
As others have written, this is an awesome course whose setting draws the eye so often that you can be forgiven for any mishits (that's my excuse anyway). It can be wind...