I am a law student and I find myself playing way too little golf. I have held a 4 handicap but that number has doubled over the years, however I still get in the zone once in a while. The higher my scores got the more I became interested in golf course architecture, which you can enjoy no matter how bad you play. I am a member of The Rosendaelsche Golfclub, one of the oldest courses in the Netherlands. I am a great fan of Colt, Simpson and classic links and heathland courses in general and I always try to avoid dull resort courses at all costs. My all-time favourite course is a hard one: It's a close call between Royal Porthcawl and Ballybunion. If you want to play a hidden gem in a great environment: play Pennard or Furnas. Lastly I'd really like to play the Bandon courses sooner rather than later, but that is one of the charms of this game: There always remains so much golf history and so many wonderful courses to be explored!


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