I started playing golf as a kid but quit at 17 because I was heavily involved with other sports specially triathlon where I tried to run a professional career. Later I moved to running and finally adventure racing.

After 23 years I completed the circle back to golf and worked my way down to a 3,5 handicap. The plans are to become a scratch player before my 50s what I admit will require a solid effort.

With my father I learned the joy of playing new courses, since Brazil is so big with around 100 golf courses, traveling was always part of the package. I have played more than 50 courses in Brazil and many more abroad so still have a lot of new gems to discover.

Being involved in different sports gives me a good perspective on the post Tiger era where the new generation of golfers and their ridiculous length are forcing golf courses architects to rethink their new courses and adapt their old ones. The changes made in the 17th tee of the Old Course is a good example of that and shows the difficulties involved in bringing a classic to the modern age of golf.

In 2016 Brazil was in the spotlight because Rio hosted the first Olympic golf tournament of the century. My formation as an engineer should provide a lot of information about the venues and I hope to help our readers navigate our country and discover the other good courses out here.


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Iguassu Falls 29/08/2018

19th Brazil Ranking
Located near Iguassu Falls, the history of this golf course is entwined with the history of tourism in the city and today probably writes its most important chapter.When...


Rio 2016 Olympic Golf Course 20/03/2018

2nd Brazil Ranking
Built for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games this is probably the only golf course in the world built exclusively for a tournament and that is embedded in the DNA of the course....


Fazenda da Grama 12/06/2017

6th Brazil Ranking
Built in 2006 by Brian Costello this is one of the best golf communities in the country. As such, the golf course is the center of the action with a nice clubhouse set at...


Sao Paulo 29/03/2017

4th Brazil Ranking
Built in 1932 by Stanley Thompson, the top Canadian architect, you might say this course is a classic. If you’re not too familiar with golf course architecture you might...


Terravista 29/01/2017

3rd Brazil Ranking
Imagine playing match play on one of the most beautiful courses in the world against the person who designed and built it. Yes, it doesn’t get any better than this. Why i...


Aquiraz Riviera 19/09/2016

20th Brazil Ranking
Built on a huge sand dune this is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Brazil. What makes the scenery so special was the architect’s ability to carve the holes in a...


Itanhanga 06/06/2016

16th Brazil Ranking
This Golf Club has an interesting story, apparently, Getulio Vargas at that time president/dictator of Brazil was a fan of golf but was unable to play at Gavea Golf Club...


Fazenda Boa Vista (Palmer) 01/05/2016

7th Brazil Ranking
This is the new course at Fazenda Boa Vista and what a nice surprise. Let’s see what the architect Thad Layton has to say about his project:“The Palmer Course at Fazenda...


Santapazienza 13/03/2016

1st Brazil Ranking
Length – 6.724 Course Rating – 72,7 Slope Rating - 135 Walkability – Hard What golfer has never dreamt about building a golf course where he could invite friends to share...


Quinta da Baroneza 30/01/2016

11th Brazil Ranking
Par - 72 Course Rating – 72.6 Slope Rating - 129 Walkability – Hard This is another great project from Dan Blankenship the most prolific golf course architect in Brazil....


Damha 24/12/2015

13th Brazil Ranking
This is probably the best golf facility in the country, with a nice driving range, a nine holes pitch and putt course, a large putting green and a good golf course. Anoth...


São Fernando 18/12/2015

8th Brazil Ranking
Built in a valley with a big variety of terrain São Fernando offers players a wide range of challenges that make this course one of the best in the country. Over the...


Ilha de Comandatuba (Ocean) 15/01/2013

10th Brazil Ranking
I think that Comandatuba is better than São Fernando and much better than Terravista. I would say that Comandatuba is currently the best golf course in the country with S...


Nordelta 14/01/2013

12th Argentina Ranking
It's a great challenge and a very scenic golf course bring your camera and a lot of balls.The course is very well mantained and the infraestructure is amazing. From the r...