Michael Frankel

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Hunstanton 29/09/2017

2nd Norfolk - Best in Area 29th England Ranking 69th Britain & Ireland Ranking
On our annual GBI trip in June, I had the pleasure of seeing Hunstanton for the first time. Sorry it took so long. A warm welcome. The day was awful - rain and wind were...


Roma Acquasanta 08/07/2013

1st Central Italy - Best in Area 5th Italy Ranking 90th Continental Europe Ranking
My wife and I have been members for many years, visiting Rome a few times a year. We spent a month in Italy recently and played here several times. Acquasanta is in the...


Ganton 08/07/2013

1st Yorkshire - Best in Area 8th England Ranking 25th Britain & Ireland Ranking 77th World Ranking
Played here 2 days in glorious weather in early June. I'm a member of a Walker Cup club, and always wanted to see if Ganton lives up to its high reputation. It does. Not...


Hillside 08/07/2013

4th Lancashire - Best in Area 23rd England Ranking 51st Britain & Ireland Ranking
Have always included Hillside in my golf trips to Lancashire. A perfect warm up front 9, and one of the worlds great back nines. You know you're in for a treat when you s...


West Lancashire 08/07/2013

6th Lancashire - Best in Area 44th England Ranking 99th Britain & Ireland Ranking
Recently visited Lancashire on a golf trip, and have played here in the past. W. Lancs is a delightful course to play - and they were kind enough to solve the "where can...