Michael Frankel

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Notts 11/09/2018

1st Nottinghamshire - Best in Area 19th England Ranking 45th Britain & Ireland Ranking
On our annual golf trip to the UK, I convinced the group to extend our normal length trip in order to play two great inland courses in England at the end. The first was N...


Prestwick 11/09/2018

4th Ayrshire & Arran - Best in Area 15th Scotland Ranking 35th Britain & Ireland Ranking
I've been traveling to the UK on golf trips for 40 years, and have played most of the highly rated courses multiple times. Prestwick is deserving of its historical reputa...


Western Gailes 11/09/2018

3rd Ayrshire & Arran - Best in Area 14th Scotland Ranking 34th Britain & Ireland Ranking
Visited for the first time in years on my annual UK golf trip. Despite very dry summer, very good condition. Warm welcome. Stretch from #5 through 14 among the best in Li...


Hunstanton 29/09/2017

2nd Norfolk - Best in Area 29th England Ranking 69th Britain & Ireland Ranking
On our annual GBI trip in June, I had the pleasure of seeing Hunstanton for the first time. Sorry it took so long. A warm welcome. The day was awful - rain and wind were...


Roma Acquasanta 08/07/2013

1st Central Italy - Best in Area 5th Italy Ranking 90th Continental Europe Ranking
My wife and I have been members for many years, visiting Rome a few times a year. We spent a month in Italy recently and played here several times. Acquasanta is in the...


Ganton 08/07/2013

1st Yorkshire - Best in Area 8th England Ranking 25th Britain & Ireland Ranking 77th World Ranking
Played here 2 days in glorious weather in early June. I'm a member of a Walker Cup club, and always wanted to see if Ganton lives up to its high reputation. It does. Not...


Hillside 08/07/2013

4th Lancashire - Best in Area 23rd England Ranking 51st Britain & Ireland Ranking
Have always included Hillside in my golf trips to Lancashire. A perfect warm up front 9, and one of the worlds great back nines. You know you're in for a treat when you s...