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County Louth 30/03/2018

1st Louth - Best in Area 10th Ireland Ranking 54th Britain & Ireland Ranking
As a William coming over from Holland to play Golf on the banks of the River Boyne, I was a little curious as to the welcome I would receive at County Louth. This is a q...


Royal North Devon 15/01/2018

2nd Devon - Best in Area 53rd England Ranking
When you stand on the first tee at Royal North Devon overlooking the flat expanse of the Northam Burrows, you could be forgiven for wondering where the golf course is. It...


West Lancashire 10/11/2017

6th Lancashire - Best in Area 44th England Ranking 99th Britain & Ireland Ranking
It was the day after The Open and we'd decided to have a quick round somewhere locally prior to heading back home. We had our preferences but most of them were understand...


Utrecht de Pan 25/10/2017

2nd Netherlands Ranking 3rd Continental Europe Ranking 100th World Ranking
The Dutch use their superlative "Gezellig" for describing many of the finer and intimate experiences in life. It doesn't translate that well (cosy?), but nevertheless app...


Brora 18/10/2017

6th North Scotland - Best in Area 30th Scotland Ranking 94th Britain & Ireland Ranking
Is Brora the best course I've played? No. Is it the best Golf experience I've had? Possibly. Best livestock on a course? Yes. The above cliches actually do the course a...


Rosendaelsche 05/10/2017

7th Netherlands Ranking 46th Continental Europe Ranking
Good balance to the course with holes of a consistently decent quality. Didn't like the Par 3 9th with a great big tree in front of the green, but liked many others. Ho...


Hunstanton 09/11/2016

2nd Norfolk - Best in Area 29th England Ranking 69th Britain & Ireland Ranking
Played here for the first time in October and my ultimate impression was that Hunstanton strikes a great balance between being a stringent and quirky links - often the ch...


Goyer (North) 27/10/2016

15th Netherlands Ranking
It's difficult to be completely objective with De Goyer as it's my home course in The Netherlands. I tend to look forward to playing other courses. There's a marriage ana...


Geijsteren 25/10/2016

21st Netherlands Ranking
Really enjoyed playing here a couple of years ago. Didn't know anything about the course beforehand, so it was a pleasant surprise. One or two of the tree-lined holes wou...


Domburgsche 11/10/2016

22nd Netherlands Ranking
Said to be the the only links course in Holland, presumably because you can see, hear, and feel the sea from a few of the tees. Domburg starts promising with a run of lin...


Lauswolt 11/10/2016

25th Netherlands Ranking
Lauswolt is a decent enough course and has some lovely holes. What lets it down is the quality contrast between the older Pennink nine and the newer nine. Some of the hol...


Stippelberg (Championship) 19/04/2014

12th Netherlands Ranking
Nice course and great value. An inland links that is pleasantly rough around the edges. A good design with strategic options off of the tee and interesting green complexe...