Crawford Anderson-Dillon

Crawford was born in Northern Ireland, raised in France and now lives in Hertfordshire, so he's very confused. He was given the gift of golf by his grandfather when a young boy back in Ireland and while for a short time the passion flourished it was soon abandoned in his teenage years when wine, women and song revealed themselves to be much less hard work. The odd round was had in his 20's but when his grandfather passed away in 2010 he took the old set of clubs he found in the garage and started playing again more regularly. He soon rediscovered that childhood love and within six months was at a self-help group for golf addicts. He has been in trouble ever since.

He is a terrible golfer, but loves the game and playing the courses of any far-flung part of the world he finds himself in. He is a member at Essendon Country Club. Crawford is also a golf writer - click the links to read his stories on Choosing New Clubs and Golf Club Membership.  


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Woburn (Marquess) 20/06/2015

1st Buckinghamshire - Best in Area 37th England Ranking 86th Britain & Ireland Ranking
We invented golf. Well, the Scottish did, really. But the ‘British’ made it what it is today – an elitist sport enjoyed by rich people more interested in excluding others...


Las Vegas Paiute (Wolf) 01/05/2015

16th Nevada - Best in Area
I wanted to go to Vegas for years. I don’t think I have to explain that statement. Everybody does, deep down. It’s like grown ups Disneyland. A sparkling oasis of low gra...


Banff Springs 30/04/2015

2nd Alberta - Best in Area 5th Canada Ranking 59th North America Ranking
Destination golf course is a term used all too frequently these days. Every new course sells itself as a destination course; somewhere worth travelling to. But despite th...


Circling Raven 09/06/2014

4th Idaho - Best in Area
A good few years ago some Native Americans realised that having autonomy on the reservations allowed them to make their own decisions about what would be legal and what w...


Coeur d'Alene 06/06/2014

8th Idaho - Best in Area
I know these reviews are only supposed to focus on the course, but in this case I just can't help mentioning some of the other peripherals. Talking about the Coeur d'Alen...