Larry Berle

I owned a company called SRO Productions for 31 years. We were in the concert promotion and CD compilation business. I sold it in 2003 and in 2007 I published a new book about playing the Top 100 Golf Courses in America called A Golfer’s Dream: How a regular guy conquered the Golf Digest list of America's Top 100 Courses. In September 2014 I rated many of the U.S. Top 100 golf course for this website, using the simple 1-6 golf ball rating system and also allowed this website to post online a series of exclusive reviews, which are edited extracts from my book. Click here to read more.


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Crooked Stick 15/10/2014

2nd Indiana - Best in Area
It was my second experience playing a Top 100 course alone in wet conditions, but it was wonderful. Every putt left a trail on the green, and I took this opportunity to p...