Steve MacQuarrie

Steve has played more than 500 golf courses on three continents, including over half of this site’s Top 100. So despite his mediocre abilities as a golfer, he has at least a broad basis for comparison. His favorites are Cruden Bay, Oakmont, North Berwick, National Golf Links and Royal Melbourne (West). Steve’s partial to firm and fast conditions, to the line of charm, to running approach shots, and to contoured greens. He prefers walking…and playing at a brisk pace. If these are also your interests, you may find his reviews informative.

A resident of New England, he belongs to three clubs there as well as the Donald Ross and Seth Raynor Societies. He tries to review courses that have not been heavily covered here and reserves his Albatross rating for what he considers the Top 100 Golf Courses in the U.S. (or Top 200 in the World).

When he’s not playing golf, Steve’s other interests include sailing, hiking, skiing and curling.


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Whitinsville 26/10/2018

15th Massachusetts - Best in Area
In the past month I’ve managed to play what may well be the two finest nine hole courses in the world. And I’m having a difficult time figuring out whether I like Royal W...


Tedesco 26/10/2018

26th Massachusetts - Best in Area
Ron Forse, ably assisted by member Tom Peckham and superintendent Peter Hasak has made some lovely renovations to the course. The most obvious improvement is in bunkering...


Longmeadow 12/10/2018

20th Massachusetts - Best in Area
They could have called it Two Tier Country Club. No fewer than five greens (in an 11 hole stretch) have a second tier. On three of them (7, 11, and 12), the shelf is at t...


Orchards 12/10/2018

28th Massachusetts - Best in Area
Donald Ross’s excellent design is displayed here….just not on the golf course. Ross’s detailed field sketches adorn a hallway in the clubhouse, but those designs are not...


Bude & North Cornwall 18/09/2018

5th Cornwall - Best in Area
On a quick trip through Devon and Cornwall, I enjoyed this course as much as any of the more heralded ones I played. Yes, there are some ordinary holes, but as many as ha...


Royal North Devon 18/09/2018

2nd Devon - Best in Area 53rd England Ranking
England’s oldest course is a museum piece. Little has changed in over a century and the entire experience is history lesson. The golf almost keeps pace, though I found to...


Saunton (East) 17/09/2018

1st Devon - Best in Area 16th England Ranking 40th Britain & Ireland Ranking
The closer one gets to the hole, the better the golf is at Saunton. The green complexes are the strength of the course, with plenty of contours to challenge one’s putting...


Evian 01/09/2018

5th South East France - Best in Area 25th France Ranking
Of a dog walking on its hind legs, Samuel Johnson is reputed to have said, “The wonder is not that it’s not done well, the wonder is that it’s done at all.” The same coul...


Country Club of Orlando 06/05/2018

48th Florida - Best in Area
Ron Forse changed everything but the routing here in 2017………and for the better. While Forse’s specialty is course restoration (he’s done 39 Ross restorations), the bigges...


Hammock Dunes (Creek) 03/05/2018

Gem USA - Best in Area
Though the Creek course touts the fact that no real estate can be developed anywhere on the property, the course still has a lot of the feel of a Florida cartball-only la...


Streamsong (Black) 19/04/2018

6th Florida - Best in Area 95th USA Ranking
“Which of the three Streamsong courses is your favorite?” my caddie asked me as we approached the 18th green. I didn’t answer quickly. It’s an interesting question, but t...


Deerfield 16/04/2018

9th Delaware - Best in Area
Legend has it that when William Gordon was asked to design Stanwich Country Club’s course, he gave them three options and they chose the toughest. Gordon’s work at Deerfi...