Doug Roberts

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Fox Harb'r 27/10/2016

4th Nova Scotia - Best in Area 65th Canada Ranking
I had much anticipation going to Fox Harb'r. You arrive to a gate and are permitted entry if you have a tee time. And this is a public facility....hmmm The course is the...


Bayonne 27/10/2016

10th New Jersey - Best in Area
Bayonne is a superb links layout in the shadows of Wall Street. The port sits in the river and creates views more of a Ship Yard. But it is a wonderful layout. Tee to gre...


Old Head 09/10/2015

1st Cork - Best in Area 15th Ireland Ranking 65th Britain & Ireland Ranking
I have had the pleasure to play Old Head 4 times. My most recent was two weeks ago. My first was in the first year it opened. I have also traveled to NZ to play Cape Kidn...


Nefyn & District (Old) 09/10/2015

4th North Wales - Best in Area 12th Wales Ranking
Nefyn was our northern most excursion on our Wales trip. You will be drawn by playing the Old back nine. But much of the front nine is better than the Old back. If you go...


Royal St David's 09/10/2015

2nd North Wales - Best in Area 4th Wales Ranking 78th Britain & Ireland Ranking
Royal St David is pure links golf at high quality. Prior to playing stroll up the hill and tour Harlech Castle and get the low down on the land RSD sits on. Play the cou...


Tralee 09/10/2015

3rd Kerry - Best in Area 13th Ireland Ranking 62nd Britain & Ireland Ranking
Tralee is just a gem. Having played here several times in the past 20 years, I find it just keeps getting better. Kudos to the club for the changes to the 6th hole. The i...


Waterville 09/10/2015

2nd Kerry - Best in Area 5th Ireland Ranking 32nd Britain & Ireland Ranking
Waterville is a special place. Out on the west end of the Ring of Kerry. It is an adventure to make. The course is pure strong links golf. They could stretch this course...


Aberdovey 09/10/2015

1st North Wales - Best in Area 2nd Wales Ranking 64th Britain & Ireland Ranking
Aberdovey is a very nice course. It spins in a figure 8 pattern which creates a mystery as to the wind. A fierce storm did untold damage to the penultimate par 3 here but...


Machynys Peninsula 09/10/2015

3rd West Wales - Best in Area 11th Wales Ranking
Machynys is a great course. It was our first course played in Wales August 2015. We went here kinda as our opener figuring it would be more player friendly to a pond hopp...


Southerndown 09/10/2015

4th South Wales - Best in Area 9th Wales Ranking
Southerndown is a pleasant course. We arrived and were surprised by the tight entry up the hill…And then the fence which keeps the sheep in…And they love to sleep in the...


Pennard 08/10/2015

2nd South Wales - Best in Area 3rd Wales Ranking 72nd Britain & Ireland Ranking
Our group has traveled all over The British Isles but hadn't made our way to Wales. We took in what we tried to depict as the best of Wales Links in a week. Pennard was w...