Nick Metcalf

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Kinloch Club 15/01/2019

4th North Island - Best in Area 4th New Zealand Ranking 16th Oceania Ranking
It was a sunny, cloudy, windy day, the type you want for any time you step on the tee of a links course - and though Kinloch may not be beside the sea, it is one of the m...


Meadow Springs 12/07/2017

5th Western Australia - Best in Area 65th Australia Ranking
We played Meadow Springs on a pretty grim Winter's day, but the experience wasn't spoiled. Some lovely holes especially later on in the back nine and I'd be happy going b...


The Cut 12/07/2017

4th Western Australia - Best in Area 45th Australia Ranking
I have never been so disappointed in terms of expectation vs reality as our trip to The Cut. From the reviews on this site and other images I thought it was going to be a...


Kennedy Bay 12/07/2017

2nd Western Australia - Best in Area 31st Australia Ranking
The course was a little scruffy and the clubhouse leaves a lot to be desired, but from a pure golf POV this is a great challenging layout. True, you can't see the sea muc...