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Our current Top 100 Reviewers are featured below and they should all take a bow:


Peter Handcock - 170 Reviews

I am a 22 year old avid golfer with a passion for golf courses. On a mission to play the World Top 100, as well as the UK Top 100. Courses I most want to see: Royal Melbourne, NGLA, Muirfiled and Royal County Down

Cédric - 160 Reviews

I live near Paris and report on France and Iceland for Top 100. My handicap is currently set at 5 and I’ve played many of Europe’s greatest courses with my personal favourites being Royal County Down, Muirfield and Turnberry (Ailsa).

Mark - 147 Reviews

I have being playing golf for the past several years and definitely have the bug for it and now also for finding new and exciting courses, I am currently playing off a single figure handicap. I am really happy to share a brief view of some of the courses I've played as I find Top100 a really useful ...

Andy Cocker - 145 Reviews

Started playing golf in 2011 after a lifetime of tennis and football took its toll on his knees. Has now played over 220 different courses across the UK, US, Europe and the Far East. Home course is Hillsborough Golf Club in Sheffield. Also a member at Woodhall Spa. Single figure handicapper. Based o...

Brian Ward - 143 Reviews

Brian lives in Cheshire and is the Top 100 Correspondent for the Midlands and the North of England. He is hanging on by his fingertips to a handicap of 7. He has played more than 1,400 golf courses, including the current Top 100 of Britain and Ireland and the English Top 100 (click here to read the ...

John Sabino - 143 Reviews

John Sabino is a widely followed blogger and golf critic and is among a small group of golfers who have achieved the feat of playing the top 100 ranked courses in the world. He has been featured in Links Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Golf Digest Index, Australian Golf Digest and Billionaire mag...

T P Dean - 138 Reviews

I'm a member of Hindhead Golf Club, located in the heathland belt of Surrey. Playing to a single figure handicap, most of my golf experience has been limited to the UK and Ireland, of which, I've played around half of the top 100 courses....

Greg Watson - 134 Reviews

I'm a keen golfer and enthusiastic about the history of the game and understanding more about various course design(s).

I love the work of Mr James Braid, for me his courses have stood the test of time and very rarely disappoint, and I plan to play as many of his courses as possible.

Having played t...

James - 121 Reviews

I like scenic courses that are harmonious with their environment, strategic courses that take you on a journey with their routing. Courses that are an honest but fair technical test. I like to be inspired to take on heroic and thrilling shots. Currently playing off of a 1 handicap I have Just joined...

Tim Elliott - 112 Reviews

I like playing different golf courses and holidaying in fabulous locations around the world playing the game. I also enjoy reviewing golf courses that I have played and comparing my reflections with others. My life target is to play 1000 separate golf courses, and I hope to reach 750 in 2022. I use ...

Dave Finn - 111 Reviews

Dave Finn is a 5-time national award-winning golf travel writer and photographer from Canada. He has been in the golf business for over 30 years and has traveled extensively throughout North America and to 35 countries. He is a member of the Golf Journalists Association of Canada, Travel Media Assoc...

Martin Jordan - 106 Reviews

Martin is one of our long-standing Scottish contributors and can normally be seen walking in Jim McCann’s slipstream on the fairways of Scotland. Along with writing reviews, Martin also fully photographs every course that he visits, and his current course image library stands around the 230 mark...

Tyson Flynn - 97 Reviews

I’ve played 95 of the Australian courses ranked at and I’m looking to play all the courses on this list. Also hoping to play all the courses on the World Top 100 listing. Home club is Howlong Golf Resort. I'm currently on the Australian...

David Worley - 94 Reviews

David Worley lives in Melbourne and plays off an 11 handicap. He's a member of three golf clubs: Commonwealth, Sorrento and Moonah Links. He's also a member of the Australian Golf Writers Association and is on the judging panel for The Golf Course Guide in Australia. He's played 299 courses in the U...

Maarten - 91 Reviews

Benelux panelist and member of De Rosendaelsche Golfclub. Big fan of classic links and heathland courses. My favourite courses include Ballybunion, Portmarnock, Notts, Pennard, De Pan and Barnbougle Dunes. But this list always seems to change! Next up will be exploring more of the Low Countries.

tamas - 89 Reviews

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