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Our current Top 100 Reviewers are featured below and they should all take a bow:


BB - 86 Reviews

I was a late starter to the game and am yet to reach the single figure handicap target I’d initially set myself. The Seniors Tour debut will have to wait a little bit longer.

Josh P - 85 Reviews

Love exploring and seeing golf courses all over the world. Fun is the most crucial ingredient I look for in a course. I enjoy courses that have strong strategic aspects, flow nicely from hole to hole, have the ground game in play and ultimately leave you wanting to come back for more.

Jeff Kissel - 84 Reviews

Currently spinning golf course-related takes at my Instagram.

I live in St. Charles, MO and play golf as frequently as I am able on the mediocre daily-fee layouts of the St. Louis region while maintaining an index that generally stays between 2 and 4. I write my course reviews like an engineer becaus...

Larry Berle - 82 Reviews

I owned a company called SRO Productions for 31 years. We were in the concert promotion and CD compilation business. I sold it in 2003 and in 2007 I published a new book about playing the Top 100 Golf Courses in America called A Golfer’s Dream: How a regular guy conquered the Golf Digest list of A...

Kimi Hoshiyama - 81 Reviews

Kimi was born in Japan, educated in the USA and then relocated to Hong Kong in 1993. He is one of our key raters and our China and Southern Asia correspondent. He's played 1,200 courses and plays 70-80 new courses every year. He has his own golf courses introductory website: and is a me...

Neil White - 81 Reviews

I am a listaoholic and keen golfer so, in June 2020, I set about the challenge of taking on England's top 100 courses with a notion to be followed by the British Isles, Europe and even The World. The collected warblings about my travels can be found at and I can be followed on...

Freddie - 78 Reviews

I am 18 years old and a member of Hankley Common Golf Club with a handicap of 4. I have been playing golf for 9 years now and love travelling and playing new courses. My personal favourites that I've played are Royal County Down, Royal Portrush, Royal Birkdale, Swinley Forest, Royal St George's and ...

Ryan Book - 73 Reviews

Ryan Book is a staff writer and panelist for, as well as occasional contributor to publications such as The Golfer's Journal, The Fried Egg, Bethpage Black Metal, and others. A resident of Columbus, Ohio, he enjoys playing at Ohio State University's alum course when he gets t...

Nicholas Kjelgaard - 72 Reviews

As a dad and a husband I am not a member of a club, I don’t have the time if I am to play lots of courses. My main goal is to play new courses and my regular playing partners are the same. I simply love where golf takes me, I love the different styles of golf course you can play, no other sport ...

Max Monroe - 71 Reviews

Awaiting Reviewer Profile
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RM61 - 70 Reviews

Awaiting Reviewer Profile
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Joe Sheldrake - 68 Reviews

Working in London and based at Orsett Golf Club - handicap currently 11. When I find the time, I do my best to play as many different courses as I can (some great, some not so great) but I love the variety.

Member of a couple of societies but always looking for new people to play with and new pla...

Matt Richardson - 67 Reviews

Matt is our New Zealand Correspondent who grew up playing the Surrey heathland courses before moving to study at St Andrews University.

He immigrated to New Zealand in 2008 and currently plays off 8 at Chisholm Links. He has published many articles in The Cut (NZ’s leading golf magazine) on both ...

Chris Wanless - 66 Reviews

I have played Golf for over 10 years, currently playing to a handicap of 12.

I have been embarking on a journey through England's Top 100 Golf Courses, with a life goal to play the Top 100 in England, GB & Ire, Europe and the World.

All reviews and photos are shared on my Instagram Account: Top.10...

Josh - 65 Reviews

Golf nerd from Norfolk, England. Falling in love with the game and the amazing variety of courses we have in GB more and more each day!

Single figure handicapper, working my way through the top 100 as we speak.

Always up for a discussion or a round of golf, come and find me on instagram: https://w...

Shaun - 65 Reviews

I’ve played the Top 100 Golf Courses of Britain & Ireland and completed the hundred in 2006. Carne, Rosapenna (Sandy Hills) and Castlerock (Mussenden) were the missing three courses and I met up and played with two of the Top 100 website team at Rosapenna and then completed the hundred at Castlero...

Alex Frolish - 62 Reviews

Airline pilot. Published golf writer. I have played 495 courses to date across 5 continents. I’m not sure I’ll ever stop looking for the next golfing adventure.