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Ivan - 62 Reviews

As a keen sportsman, hit by MS at the age of 35 (55 now) I find that golf is the best way to exercise and enjoy the outdoors, while still getting that competition. Play 4 times most weeks in the Uk, and South Africa in our winter. I play over 50 courses most years - really enjoy it. Handicap has ris...

Niall - 61 Reviews

I completed playing the Top 100 in Britain and Ireland ten years ago and since then I’ve continued to play as many new courses as I can wherever I happen to be in the world. I travel a lot both on business and for pleasure and usually take my clubs with me. I’m prepared to play anywhere and not ...

Steven Deist - 58 Reviews

My passion lies mostly in historically significant golf clubs, however; I will pretty much play anywhere. I’m currently in law enforcement and have worked in that capacity for the last 12 years. Prior to that, I worked in the golf industry in maintenance, cart barn, and finally as an assistant pro...

Warren - 57 Reviews

Warren – a 5hcp at Long Reef Golf Club in Sydney – a rather lame version of links but nevertheless a very good course.

jason - 56 Reviews

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Jim Loss - 56 Reviews

Awaiting Reviewer Profile
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Ulrich Mayring - 55 Reviews

My name is Ulrich Mayring, I am based in Germany and currently play off 12. Continental and sometimes non-continental Europe are my main stomping grounds and for this site I am performing the duty of German Correspondent. Essentially that means I need to play and review a lot of German courses and h...

Tim Browne - 52 Reviews

I love the game of golf as a very challenging sport, a great way to see beautiful places all over the world, to be outdoors in the fresh air and to meet people. Played golf all my life, a member of Belvoir Park, a great parkland course in Belfast over 50 years, and a member of Royal County Down, Por...

Ian Cranidge - 51 Reviews

12 handicapper based in Guernsey. Member at Benton Hall in Essex and L’Ancresse GC in Guernsey. Love to play links golf when I have the chance and very fond of the Surrey sand belt courses as well.

regripped - 47 Reviews

ReGripped a/k/a Pete Flanigan is based in Los Angeles and blogs about his golfing adventures around Southern California at Pete is currently attempting to play all the North American golf courses designed by Coore & Crenshaw and you can follow his travels at www.coorecrenshawques...