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Our current Top 100 Reviewers are featured below and they should all take a bow:


Colin Jones - 41 Reviews

I’m a member at Romford Golf Club and my handicap is unfortunately increasing (currently 14). Among my favourite courses are Royal St George’s, Wentworth (West), Vilamoura (Old) and the gem at Purdis Heath.

Stuart Eastwood - 41 Reviews

Kenya based, ageing fast, a septuagenarian golfer now playing off 16, still bent on completing the Top 100 in the British Isles with just a few to go. Have I left the best til last? Loch Lomond. Machrie, 2 x Machrihanish? My '18’ favourites? That’s hard but maybe…

David Richards - 40 Reviews

Dave’s love affair with golf began in his early teens. This hobby soon took hold and he spent the next few years working in pro shops, before going on to work with Keith in the very, very early days of Top 100 and finally working for the Acushnet company looking after European marketing for FootJo...

Aidan Healey - 40 Reviews

Turned professional in October 2015 and doing my three-year PGA exams, become good friends with Ian Poulter through the Dreamflight charity and get invited to play Woburn and Lake Nona in his golf days every year. Love to get out and play different golf courses so it's great to compare and review ea...

Chris Wanless - 39 Reviews

I have played Golf for over 10 years, despite never seeming to get any better, but that doesn't deter from my passion for the game.

I have been embarking on a journey through England's Top 100 Golf Courses, with a life goal to play the Top 100 in England, GB & Ire, Europe and the World.

All review...

Madhav - 39 Reviews

Madhav has been in the golf and lifestyle travel business since 2009 when he founded Golftripz to offer golf holidays all around the world.

Madhav has played at several hundreds of golf courses around the world, but has been terrible at record keeping. He now hopes that may jus...

Alex - 38 Reviews

I have been playing golf for 35+ years; I am member at Church Stretton Golf Club in Shropshire. Lowest handicap I have achieved is 3; lowest gross round in a comp is a -6. Anyway forget the figures I just enjoy playing golf on different layouts. I am close to playing over 150 differing courses and o...

Simon Bale - 37 Reviews

Surrey based golfer who loves heathland and links turf the most.
Enjoy target golf too and top 5 courses include Streamsong (Red), Valderrama, Swinley Forest, Royal St George’s & Aberdeen International Links.

Peter White - 37 Reviews

Golf is a hobby that takes up a lot of my time, from my humble golfing roots of a weekend hacker playing (in a social sense) a small number of public courses in Essex. I now play very regular golf in Western Australia through the Perth Golf Network, I am also an overseas member of Romford GC in Esse...

Neil White - 36 Reviews

I am a listaoholic and keen golfer so, in June 2020, I set about the challenge of taking on England's top 100 courses with a notion to be followed by the British Isles', Europe and even The World.

Ethan Fisher - 35 Reviews

I'm Ethan Fisher and I'm currently a college junior at Eastern Kentucky University aspiring to be a PGA club professional upon graduation. My very youthful career in the golf business has taken me to The Golf Club at Bear Dance in Larkspur, Colorado, ranked as the 37th best course in Colorado, as we...

Goffy - 35 Reviews

I play off 6 and I’m a member of Canons Brook Golf Club in Essex where I play most of my golf. I’ve been good friends with the Top 100 Team for many years and have been with them to many of courses in the upper echelons of the rankings. Personal favourites are Carnoustie, North Hants & Mon...