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The Resort at Glade Springs,
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The Resort at Glade Springs boasts three 18-hole layouts, the latest of which, the Woodhaven course, was completed in 2010. Fairways on this course are routed across an undulating, forested landscape, making it the toughest of the three tracks.

The Glade Springs resort was established in the early 1970s, with George Cobb setting out the initial 18-hole course on the property. Thirty years later, Brian Ault and Tom Clark created the Stonehaven course and the same architects returned a decade later to fashion the eighteen holes of the Woodhaven.

In The American Golf Resort Guide author Daniel Wexler writes: “Playing out of a separate clubhouse, the Woodhaven course lies across the Glade Creek Gorge from the Cobb. Utilizing more undulating terrain, it is arguably the resort’s most engaging track and, for most, its toughest.

The front nine is the centerpiece here, offering the 493-yard par five 4th (played to a green tucked behind a hillside) and the sharply downhill 211-yard 5th before approaching the gorge for a closing trio that includes the 200-yard 7th (benched spectacularly into a slope above the chasm) and the 589-yard pond-guarded 9th.

The much longer back nine opens with the 541-yard split-fairway 10th and closes with the uphill 557-yard 18th , with the lower-lying holes in between being led by the 169-yard 12th (played across rough country, with the gorge lingering left) and the 506-yard 13th, a brutal uphill par four.”

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Description: The Resort at Glade Springs boasts three 18-hole layouts, the latest of which, the Woodhaven course, was completed in 2010 with fairways routed across an undulating, forested landscape... Rating: 7 out of 10 Reviews: 1
Colin Braithwaite

The Woodhaven Course can best be likened to a roller coaster. The first hole is welcoming and in hindsight tame. A slight benign water carry to a wide fairway. The 2nd is straightaway with a fairway bunker right and the green has two bunkers. The 3rd is a tough hole. Long with a bunker in the middle of the fairway in the landing area, woods both sides and a water hazard front and left of the green. Somehow it is the number 9 handicap hole! The first par five is a cool hole, a dogleg left. Definitely reachable, but you need to have a draw in your bag of tricks. Off the tee favor the right side. A ravine crosses the fairway at a 45 degree angle about 190 yards out, so you can’t reach it off the tee. If your tee shot is not optimal, bite the bullet and hit an iron to the elbow to set up a flip wedge. Otherwise, go for it! I love this hole. The first par three is a downhill quasi-redan with half a dozen bunkers front left. The driveable 6th lured me into its web and slammed the door on my privates. Yes, it is driveable, but not by me that day. The 7th is another long par three and this one is almost a dogleg with a ravine left. Short and left is death. The 8th is along, cool but demanding hole. Starightaway from the tee the green is about 415 yards. This hole has a two distinct fairways. The right fairway is where normal golfer would go and then hit back across the gorge and hopefully to the green or a least the left fairway. To have a chance of hitting the left fairway the carry is about 290 yards. The par five 9th leans right and is well designed. A fairway bunker on the inside elbow forces you left off the tee and another on the right side about 130 yards out forces you left, as well. However, the green is protected with a water hazard on the left. If you can fly the fairway bunker, you will have a better attack angle. Should not be the number 3 handicap hole.

The back starts with a par five that also leans right with a split fairway that makes no sense to me. If you go right you increase the risk and the upside is very low. Big hitters may still be able to get home in two. Best play is left of the right fairway bunker. The 11th is another ravine hole and a long par four. The fairway runs out about 250 off the tee. This will still leave you with 180 yard approach. The 12th is the shortest hole, but there is another carry and gorge left. The 13th is brutal, it is a par four that is over 500 yards and it is uphill. Not to mention fairway bunkers, ravines and woods. The 14th at just over 450 yards seems reasonable. A dogleg left with trouble left. Aim at the left side of the right fairway bunker off the tee. Here come the scoring tholes, the 15th leans left and has a sizeable carry. Aim left of the right fairway bunker which is about 120 yards out. The 16th tilts right. Favor the right side to avoid the fairway bunker left. The 17th is mid-yardage with a water hazard carry that should not come into play. However, there is a pesky front center bunker that caused me some challenges. The 18th is a tough finishing hole, a par five that bends left and has a creek down the leftside. Off the tee aim at the right fairway bunker. The creek encroaches on the fairway and essentially acts as a cross bunker at about 170 yards out. It extends about 70% across the fairway. This long narrow green is protected in front by two bunkers.

Fun course, if you only have time to play one of the Glades courses, this is the one.

July 12, 2021
7 / 10
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