Harewood - South Island - New Zealand

Harewood Golf Club,
371 McLeans Island Road,
South Island,
New Zealand

  • +64 3 359 8843

  • Golf Club Website

  • 5 miles NW of Christchurch city centre

  • Welcome, contact in advance

  • Neville Bamford

  • Greg Turner & Scott Macpherson

  • Craig Mitchell

Without being in any way unkind, until recently Harewood was a solid but unremarkable golf club course in the typical New Zealand parkland mould, right next to Christchurch International Airport. However, an extension to the runway saw the airport acquiring some of Harewood’s land (it was previously a 36-hole club). The club apparently decided to use the money to significantly upgrade its main course, known as the Woodlands, or Old course.

To oversee the upgrade to the Woodlands course, they hired Greg Turner & Scott Macpherson, who over the last few years completed a number of well-crafted redevelopments, predominantly in the South Island (Millbrook, Southland - Oreti Sands and Cromwell). They are also currently engaged in reconstructing the Royal Wellington golf course, and were responsible for the design at the newly opened Close House in the North East of England.

Turner and Macpherson re-routed the first five holes, built eighteen new teeing grounds, and removed over 500 trees from the property. But it is the eighteen new greens that have been the talking point. Far more undulating than their predecessors, they now present an abundance of strategic decisions that were sorely missing from the original layout. The new layout came into play in early 2012.

Golfers in New Zealand are not historically as used to such considerable variation in their putting surfaces as in the States or the UK, and this has been a bold move on the part of the club. The course garnered some rave reviews from professionals when it hosted the John Jones Steel Harewood Open on the Charles Tour in 2012, and architectural connoisseurs have also weighed in with approval during its inaugural year.
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Description: In 2012, Harewood Golf Club upgraded their main course and they hired Greg Turner & Scott Macpherson who have completed a number of well-crafted redevelopments in the South Island. Rating: 4.5 out of 6 Reviews: 2

Played mid winter 2018 and I was impressed with the greens condition would be A grade during summer- fairways average but hey its winter so will quite soft. The course layout Good very enjoyable day out great track for the mid-higher HC players which it certainly looks to be designed for.. If you can lay down PGA distance drives then your be having a crack at many of the Par-4s, Overall the course didn't seem as long as the card stated>> Can't say it will be hugely memorable as it sort of blends into many flat parkland courses I've played in the South Island..But I think with what they had to work with right by the Chch Airport and Overall condition I certainly give them an A-grade esp. the greens.. Would I play again YES hopefully in harder conditions such enticing Par-4 there are so many birdie eagles to be had for this longer driver(If only my short game was as good!!!)

4 / 6
July 08, 2018

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Harewood is a great course. Many of the holes are quite creative, and most have interesting greens, including the 5th, which is like a rollercoaster. On most fairways the adjacent fairways are not particularly close to each other - unlike many public courses (this is a good thing). There are a couple of long par 5s which require just big hits, but most holes require some strategic thinking. The fairways and greens aren't as well manicured as Pegasus, but there is a greater sense of space.

5 / 6
April 05, 2018

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