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With glorious views across the headland and the famous surfing beach of Fistral, Newquay Golf Club was formed in 1890 when a 4,325-yard links was laid out for the founding members.

Newquay Golf Club survives today due to rioting by farmers and fisherman who opposed the building of The Headland Hotel on the site where they grazed their livestock and dried their nets. Despite the riots, the hotel was finished and is now a striking and ever-present landmark, however the planned housing estate was not developed and so the links survived.

When additional leased land became available in the early 1900s, Harry Colt was called in to ring the changes. The following paragraph was published in the Newquay Golf Club Centenary Book:

“Mr. Colt had laid out the new course in the most approved modern style of golf planning, dog-leg holes being one of the chief features. Many bunkers had been made and others filled up, and no expense had been spared in the effort to make the best possible use of the course.”

The course Colt laid out more than one hundred years ago is essentially the 6.141-yard layout that’s in play today. The routing is far from out-and-back. Holes loop this way and that across land which at first glance looks uninspiring. The entire course slopes away quite markedly from the clubhouse down towards Fistral Beach, but the layout doesn’t feel hilly.

A sunken sandy footpath dissects the northernmost third of the links and this walkway must be negotiated six times during a round. Golfers will hardly spot beach walkers on this path from the fairways, whereas brightly coloured boards carried on surfers’ shoulders are more likely to seen. After all, Fistral Beach is the home of British surfing.

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Description: With glorious views across the headland and the famous surfing beach of Fistral, Newquay Golf Club was formed in 1890, but the links course in play today is an engaging Harry Colt design from 1908. Rating: 4 out of 6 Reviews: 2

An interesting course packed full of surprising features given the initial impression one gets from Google earth. You can see the whole course just about all the time and each hole has enough to provide you with a solid course. Very few stock standard straight up and down holes and plenty of undulations to keep you guessing.

There is not an abundance of rough but what there is is well placed. Good bunkers and sound greens. Scorched, bone dry turf promises a round of pure links golf. And is definitely not a push over.

This is the first of 17 games I am playing over the next 12 days covering every links course from West Cornwall to Pennard. I’ll rank them all at the end. Warren from Aust.

4 / 6
August 02, 2018

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August 02, 2018

You have a great trip planned Warren - Kudos.

Will look forward to hearing about what follows - Enjoy!

...this also highlights why golf course enthusiasts could use some kind of networking facility - perhaps you’ve already sorted yourself out, but I’d love to have known about such a comprehensive regional exploration to show you around my own club in the area - you’re probably playing just one round and joining a member could complement your own experience (and vice-versa)

If a league table for flying under the radar existed, Newquay would be near the top of the list. I’m sure Newquay has been dismissed by many as holiday golf, after all, the course is set above Fistral Beach and even if you have no interest in surfing you must have heard of Fistral?

Newquay Golf Club

If you’re into golf and surfing, there’s probably nowhere better in the southwest of England, except of course Saunton, which wins comfortably from a golfing perspective, but Fistral surely has the edge surfing wise.

The opening hole has played into the prevailing wind on each occasion I’ve teed it up here… and that was the case a week last Monday. It’s a short par four on the card but it certainly doesn’t play short, where the approach shot has to carry a series of unusual humpy ramparts in order to reach the green set on higher ground. The long par three second (more than 200 yards from the backs) is a brutal uphill hole that’s ringed with bunkers, both sand-filled and grassy. Pars here will be few and far between. The greensite on the 3rd is the star of this short par four but the SI 2 4th not only has a lovely greensite benched into the hillside (miss right at peril) but also a series of raised cross-bunkers to negotiate en-route. I think Newquay’s start is very strong and there is little respite on any hole, especially when the wind is up – as it usually is.

The par four SI 1 13th is a favourite hole which sweeps to the left where the Headland Hotel forms a backdrop. The green is also benched delightfully into the hillside and three diagonal cross-bunkers must be negotiated for the approach shot creating a dramatic hazard, which I can’t remember noticing anything quite like this on a links course before.

Newquay Golf Club

The club has used every last inch of available space from the modest acreage and frankly there’s little to criticise. Being picky, the turf on the higher ground is rather coarser than the fine sward found closer to the beach, and there are more daisies growing in the short grass than I’d like to see, but these small agronomic quibbles apart, I think Newquay is a fine, honest links course that really should be better known. And the midweek twilight green fee at a mere £22 is an absolute steal.

4 / 6
April 03, 2018

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Eric Thomas
April 06, 2018

The hole being described as the thirteenth is actually the 12th with the 3 cross bunkers and headland backdrop index 5

Keith Baxter
April 06, 2018

Eric, you are of course correct... it's the 12th... my mistake.

Dan Hare
April 07, 2018

I am so glad to read a positive review of Newquay - many deride some of the course as a "field with flags", but I think that it is superior, and exceptional value, holiday golf in the true Hidden Gem of English golf, Cornwall.