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Penati Golf Resort,
Šajdíkove Humence 443,
905 01 Senica,

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  • Radomir Holecka

  • Jonathan Davison

  • Petr Mruzek

You’ll find the Penati Golf Resort about an hour’s drive to the north of Bratislava, the Slovak Republic’s capital. The facility opened in 2012 with the Nicklaus Design layout, called Legend, debuting as the centrepiece. In August 2013 the Legend was joined by a second 18-holer, the Heritage, which was fashioned as a Golden Age design.

Few people will have heard of the Heritage’s designer, Jonathan Davison, whose work to date has centred on Eastern Europe and Ireland. However, we predict that his Heritage course (skilfully shaped by Mick McShane) will become the star in his portfolio.

The rolling sandy ground presented the perfect site and Davison made excellent use of it. Routed in two returning nine-hole loops that at first turn counter clockwise and then clockwise through pine trees, the layout is reminiscent of fragments from the numerous classic courses that were laid out on the famous sand belts of London and Melbourne.

Built with strategy in mind, the Heritage provides golfers with the opportunity to play the running shot on many holes. The Heritage’s small and relatively flat greensites contrast with the big undulating greens on the Legend course and these smaller greens have been shaped thoughtfully with their size variation keeping the golfer guessing. Bunkering is subtle and some may even go as far as to say sophisticated with the sand traps relaxing naturally on the ground.

Architect Jonathan Davison commented as follows:

“When I visited the Penati golf course for the first time and saw the zones reserved for construction of the Heritage course, I was practically overwhelmed. The environment of the countryside looked similar to classic golf courses, and had a character and charm that today’s modern designed golf courses rarely have. There were the same soil conditions, plant species and vegetation that can be found in continental Europe – courses such as: Morfontaine, Hardelot, Sunningdale, Walton Heath, Utrecht de Pan, Royal Zoute and others.

I set myself a goal to create a golf course that would reflect the theory the early golf course architects espoused. It ignited inside me a desire to use all the existing components of the countryside to their maximum authenticity in order for the course to have the traditional look evoking the atmosphere of “the golden era of golf courses” and to offer a totally different playing experience alongside that of the Nicklaus-designed 18-hole course completed earlier.”
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Description: The layout of the Heritage course at the Penati Golf Resort is reminiscent of fragments from the numerous classic courses that were laid out on the famous sand belts of London and Melbourne. Rating: 5.7 out of 6 Reviews: 3

Recently returned after played Penati, actually we played 54 holes at Penati during last weekend.

We found both courses at a very high standard, top class in Europe.

We found Legend as the better course but with a small margin. The back 9 at Heritage grew as we played Heritage twice. Both holes 8 and 9 are challenging and kind of sets you up for the back 9. Great conditions even if we were thunderstormed out for a few hours the course was back quickly without much damage neither to fairways or greens. The rough got a little wet but as I wrote it raines heavy for a few hours. The greens were running 9,5 and was very recipient. Great fairways and you always got a great little divot, very sandy soil.

Great clubhouse with beautiful view over both courses 18-hole, Great restaurant with great food/coffe/sandwishes and actually a fabolous pizza, nice athmospere, lots of families dining during the weekend. Friendly and helpful, maybe except a bit stiff welcoming from the reception. But they also arranged the booking and later the rain delay very afficient. Girls selling drinks/coffe/sandwiches on the course from a buggy really was appreciatet.

6 / 6
Penati (Heritage)
September 04, 2018

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Nestled in the Stately and established Pine forests one hour north of beautiful Bratislava, near the Town of Senica, they have carved the fabulous 36 Hole Complex of Penati Golf Resort. I was only able to play one of the courses (the Slovakian amateur open was on) but I have resolved to return for the Slovakian Amateur Open to be held again next August. (Hcap approx. Limit 6-8) international applications welcome from Men and Women. Seriously consider making the trip. You will thank me.

This is five star Golf. Make no mistake, this course can rub shoulders with the best of them. This course has been designed exquisitely and is expertly routed through the heather and pine forests which flank each majestic hole. Every Hole enjoys its own setting and is reminiscent, almost an amalgam of the best bits of the Edinburgh course at Wentworth, Sunningdale new and Woburn. It is in that league. The shaping of the ground subtly contours every playing surface whether it is the wild looking planting set back from the first cut, the pristine fairways or the excellent greens. In places the design makes benefit of the undulating landscape and encourages towering tee shots that can soar above the tree line and descend down through the avenues in front of you. Marvellous. In other places threading the ball thoughtfully in to position is paramount. Some holes are truly spectacular. All are inviting, elegant , varied and enjoyable. Penati certainly gets the juices flowing and is a stiff test from the back tees. There are plenty of adrenaline pumping, nerve shredding moments to savour here as you encounter large expanses of water, wonderful bunkering and more than a few carries you can choose to bight into. The course builds to a stiff finish as you come home and is positively thrilling.

Supported by a number of tee boxes all standards will enjoy the journey and the off course facilities are modern, comprehensive and of the highest order. The closing holes to both courses can be enjoyed from the huge sun terrace that flows out from the restaurant in the open plan symphony of glass that is the clubhouse. It is well supported and alive with activity. Make sure you prebook. I wish I was Slovakian. I wish I lived next door. I cant wait to go back. Radomir, I will be seeing you next Summer... JCB LAY

6 / 6
Penati (Heritage)
September 05, 2016

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After seeing the course only months after opening, it is clear that the potential to mature into a European big hitter is a ‘when’ and not an ‘if’. The resort has the Legend course that opened for play in 2012 and it is probably just ahead at this point because it is a year older and looks a little more complete, in saying that it is the Heritage that over the coming years will take the Slovak top spot in my opinion. Once bedded in and maturity kicks-in this is going to be a must-play course, even more than it is already. Plenty of great tree lined holes, with some very clever bunkering, many have the look of those seen on the great Surrey courses in England which is a great endorsement. The course has certainly been built with ‘yester-year’ in mind with natural looking bunker edges and that is very refreshing for something so new. There is a premium on strategy from the tee on most holes and there has certainly been a lot of thought in this design – add in the beautiful sandy soil and as mentioned before, this is a must-play and is difficult to fault. With accommodation opening at the resort in 2014, I will be back to sample the stay and play options.
5 / 6
Penati (Heritage)
November 27, 2013

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