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Slovakia is landlocked and mountainous and it’s set in the heart of Europe where the Celts once lived in pre-Christian times. This was naturally long before the country was absorbed into the former Czechoslovakia. With a quiet and relaxed pace of life, Slovakia has wonderful architecture with medieval castles and cities. There's a delightful absence of commercialism and, for the time being at least, the country remains refreshingly quaint and congestion-free.

Andy Warhol was the son of Slovak parents and there's a Warhol museum in the town of Medzilaborce that displays some of his artwork. Closer to the capital, the Danubiana Art Museum sits on the Danube peninsula, projecting out into the Gabčíkovo Dam, where it was founded by Dutch entrepreneur Gerard H. Meulensteen in 2000 to promote contemporary Slovak art and young artists in particular.

According to the Slovak Golf Association, there are now almost thirty golf courses in the country and two of them at the Penati Golf Resort are rather good. The Nicklaus-designed Legend course opened in August 2012, with the second Heritage course (designed by Jonathan Davison) appearing a year later. There's no doubt that this is the premier golf facility in the country and one that's worthy of close inspection.

Our rankings of the Top 8 Golf Courses of Slovakia were last updated in February 2020. Click the link to read the story.

Top 100 Golf Courses - Slovakia

Penati (Heritage)

1st Slovakia Ranking

The layout of the Heritage course at the Penati Golf Resort is reminiscent of fragments from the numerous classic courses that were laid out on the famous sand belts of London and Melbourne.


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Penati (Legend)

2nd Slovakia Ranking

The Penati Golf Resort is set within a site blessed with sandy ground and pine trees. It’s an ideal property and Nicklaus Design etched the Legend, the first Slovakian 18-holer in the Golden Bear’s global collection...


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Black Stork (Taylor & Braid)

3rd Slovakia Ranking

Situated close to Poprad in the southern foothills of the High Tatra Mountains, the 27-hole golf facility at the Black Stork golf resort at Vel’ká Lomnica first opened in 2000.


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Tále (Gray Bear)

4th Slovakia Ranking

Gray Bear was the very first 18-hole championship golf course to open in Slovakia, nearly ten years after the Velvet Divorce with the Czech Republic in 1993.


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5th Slovakia Ranking

Martin Munka has built a number of courses recently in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia but his skills were extended in 2014 by the new 27-hole golf facility at the Green Resort, close to the village of Hrubá Borša.


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6th Slovakia Ranking

Located close to the meandering waters of the Little Danube, the woodland layout at the Sedin Golf Resort is an easy walking Michael Terech design from 2017 that brings water into play at several of the holes.

Red Oak

7th Slovakia Ranking

Situated on hilly terrain just outside the expanding city of Nitra, the course at Red Oak Golf Club was designed by American architect Kenneth Williams with one eye on the need to incorporate future residential units around the property.


8th Slovakia Ranking

Opened for play in 2009 and fashioned in a links-like style by Hans-Georg Erhardt of Golf & Land Design, the course at Skalica Golf Club is routed on relatively flat terrain around five lakes...


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Slovakia Leaderboard

Rank Name Courses Played
1 Jiri Huml Courses Played 5
2 Jim McCann Courses Played 4
3 Andy Courses Played 2
4 Pär Larsson Courses Played 2
5 Clayto Jones Courses Played 2
6 Jack Johnson Courses Played 1
7 James Courses Played 1
8 Frederic Vooght Courses Played 1
9 Ryan Courses Played 1
10 Scarlett Courses Played 1