Saint Andrew's - New York - USA

Saint Andrew’s Golf Club,
10 Old Jackson Avenue,
New York (NY) 10706,

  • +1 914 478 3500

The current course played by members of Saint Andrews Golf Club (the New York version) is a Jack Nicklaus project, but it’s worth noting an important piece of history before jumping into the modern course. The original layout, since replaced, was renovated in consultation with Scottish great James Braid, who — due to his fear of travel — sent his instructions to the club from home. Interestingly, many believe this made the original Saint Andrews design the only route in the United States that could lay claim to Braid lineage.

Which is not to take away from the layout that Nicklaus would be hired to construct during the early ‘80s. The property is as hilly as almost anything in the region, and the Golden Bear both the altitude changes and exposed outcroppings of rock as a tool to create a stimulating round.

As an example of the former, players will be treated to a stunning vista on No. 12 as they make their final approach on this downhill par five. Admire the scene behind the green but absolutely don’t place your ball there! As an example of the latter, the No. 10 par three is traced along the right by a prominent rock ledge.

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Description: The history of the Saint Andrew's Golf Club in Yonkers (1888) is not as dated as its namesake in Scotland (1754), but the US patron saint did give birth to the USGA. Nowadays the members play the royal and ancient game of “gowf” on a thoroughly modern (1985) Jack Nicklaus Signature course. Rating: 6 out of 10 Reviews: 1
Doug Roberts

I have played here often, just not recently. It's a very hilly property. Conditioning is always excellent, Green complexes are interesting. There are a few holes which seem out of place up on the hill. Overall, it's a nice day out. Given the history of the Club, one expects more than what one gets here.

March 20, 2021
6 / 10
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September 28, 2021

Hi Doug,

Any chance you can share what you think could’ve been better re : what one expects? Thanks.