Kinki (Kansai)

Top 100 Golf Courses - Kinki (Kansai)

The Cypress

11th Kinki (Kansai) - Best in Area

With the forested mountains of Tamba looming on three sides, the course at The Cypress Golf Club comprises two distinct nines; an outward half routed over hilly terrain while the inward half occupies flatter ground to the east of the property.


12th Kinki (Kansai) - Best in Area

Established in 1990, the course at Tsu Country Club is a Masashi Ozaki and Kentaro Sato co-production which lies less than ten kilometres from Ise Bay, where fairways are laid out on hilly, forested terrain to the west of Tsu city centre.

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Rank Name Courses Played
1 Kimi Hoshiyama Courses Played 12
2 Bob McCoy Courses Played 4
3 Kuan Kuo Courses Played 3
= yujie ren Courses Played 3
= Hwa Young Nam Courses Played 3
6 Fergal O'Leary Courses Played 2
= Kenichiro Oda Courses Played 2
= Lori Kraus Courses Played 2
= Norm Groleau Courses Played 2
= Adam Uttley Courses Played 2