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Extending to almost 14,000 square miles, Kyushu is Japan’s third largest island and it’s the most southerly of the country’s four main islands. Home to Mount Asa, the most active volcano in Japan, it’s also home to a population of more than thirteen million people, many of whom live in the northwest of the island, in the cities of Fukuoka and Kitakyushu.

Top-flight golf is a little sparse in Kyushu. The course at Koga is recognised as the best in the region and it’s one that has undergone a couple of extensive upgrade programs in the last two decades, resulting in it hosting the Japan Open after each renovation. The Phoenix Country Club course extends to three loops of nine holes and the two longest circuits, Yakachiho and Sumiyoshi, form the championship 18-hole layout which takes it into our Japanese course rankings.

Top 100 Golf Courses - Kyushu


1st Kyushu - Best in Area

Koga Golf Club hosted the 62nd Japan Open, won by Australian Craig Parry with a score of two over par for the competition.


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Phoenix (Takachiho & Sumiyoshi)

2nd Kyushu - Best in Area

Phoenix Country Club is located within the Phoenix Seagaia Resort on the Hitotsuba Pacific Coast and Kokichi Ohashi set out the original 18-hole course in 1971.


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Passage Kinkai Island

3rd Kyushu - Best in Area

Host to the Japan PGA Championship in 2010, won by Toru Taniguchi, the course at Passage Kinkai Island Golf Club is set on the western shore of Omura Bay and was designed by Yoshiaki Fujii, opening for play in 1992.

Fukuoka (Wajiro)

4th Kyushu - Best in Area

Beginning and ending with a par five, the 18-hole Wajiro course at Fukuoka Country Club is configured with two returning nines. The layout opened for play in 1952 and its two-green system endures to the present day.

Ibusuki (Kaimon)

5th Kyushu - Best in Area

Featuring bent grass greens, the Kaimon course at Ibusuki Golf Club is a late 1960s Seiiche Inoue design that lies at the foot of Mount Kaimon, on the southern tip of the Satsuma peninsula, where strong sea breezes often heighten the challenge.

PGM Golf Resort Okinawa (Hibiscus & Bougainvillea)

6th Kyushu - Best in Area

Keiji Matsuyama designed the layout at PGM Golf Resort Okinawa in the early 1970s, with Isao Aoki subsequently modifying the set-up. The Hibiscus and Bougainville nines make up the 18-hole course of first choice at a fabulous 27-hole facility.


7th Kyushu - Best in Area

Set close to the city of Kitakyushu, near to where the Onga River empties into the Tsushima Strait, the course at Wakamatsu Golf Club is an Osamu Ueda design, dating back to 1959.


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Ocean Palace

8th Kyushu - Best in Area

You’d never think that the course at Ocean Palace Golf Club & Resort was fashioned by the Nagasaki Airport Authorities, but you would believe they built the 100-metre suspended walkway across Ōmura Bay to Tatsu Island where five holes are located. The par three 11th, which plays across the full width of the strait, is simply unforgettable.


9th Kyushu - Best in Area

Established in 1960 and designed by Noriyuki Miyoshi, Miyazaki Country Club is the oldest golf facility in the Miyazaki prefecture. Its southerly location, close to the Philippine Sea, has provided the ideal venue since 2003 for the Japan LPGA Tour Championship, the final event of the LPGA of Japan Tour season.

Keya (Daimon & Kofuji)

10th Kyushu - Best in Area

Once known as Kyushu-Sima Country Club, the modern day Keya Golf Club has hosted the Japan Tour’s KBC Augusta tournament since 1992. Designed by Shiro Akaboshi, the Daimon and Kofuji nines extend to 7,151 yards for this professional event.

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