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The Australian Capital Territory, or ACT as it’s more commonly called, is an enclave of less than a thousand square miles that lies within the state of New South Wales in the south east of Australia. The state capital Canberra is also the seat of government for the nation and it celebrated the centenary of its foundation in 2013.

There are ten clubs in ACT affiliated to the 24-club ACT Monaro District Golf Association which in turn is one of twenty Men’s Country Districts in membership of Golf NSW. Whilst the John Harris-designed Royal Canberra (Westbourne) layout stands head and shoulders above all the other courses in ACT, that’s not to say the others should be easily dismissed.

For instance, the old Federal course at Red Hill (dating back to 1933) has many admirers, as do a couple of mid-1990s designs at Gungahlin Lakes and Gold Creek.

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Top 100 Golf Courses - ACT

Royal Canberra (Westbourne)

1st ACT - Best in Area

Designed by Commander John Harris, the Westbourne course at Royal Canberra is delightfully routed through the Westbourne Woods arboretum.


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2nd ACT - Best in Area

Founded in 1933, Federal Golf Club started out with a 9-hole layout (playing to sand greens), but it took another 20 years before eighteen grass greens became established...


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3rd ACT - Best in Area

Located less than a ten-minute drive north of downtown Canberra, the course at Yowani Country Club is a late 1950s James Herd Scott design, with narrow tree-lined fairways routed around a couple of sparkling lakes.


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Gungahlin Lakes

4th ACT - Best in Area

As its name suggests, the course at Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club features a variety of beautiful ponds and lakes and these challenging water hazards threaten from the tee at some holes and with the approach shot at others.


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Gold Creek

5th ACT - Best in Area

The course at Gold Creek Country Club hosted the 1996 Australian PGA Seniors shortly after it opened and the winner of that particular tournament is still fondly remembered at the club because Trevinos, the Bistro, is named in his honour.


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ACT Leaderboard

Rank Name Courses Played
1 Kevin P Courses Played 5
= Peter Wood Courses Played 5
= Brad Allen Courses Played 5
= Brendan Egan Courses Played 5
= Paul C Courses Played 5
= Peter Martin Courses Played 5
7 Wayne Moriarty Courses Played 4
= Paul Skinner Courses Played 4
= Geoffrey Steer Courses Played 4
= Claire Brooker Courses Played 4