Argentino - Argentina

Golf Club Argentino,
Ruta 8 Km. 41,
(1669) Del Viso,
Buenos Aires,

  • +54 2320 491190

  • Fernanda Alvarenga

  • Luther Koontz

  • Elcido Nari

Inaugurated in 1952 and located only 40 kilometres from Buenos Aires, Argentino is one of the most traditional and recognised golf clubs in the country.

With colourful woodland, which surrounds most holes, numerous tee boxes and large, fast greens that provide varying pin positions, Argentino can be a relatively easy proposition or a stern, complicated layout. The closing three holes are very tough and anyone who secures par at these three holes can retire happily to the clubhouse.

Argentino Country Club provides a relaxing round of golf in tranquil surroundings and the club have hosted the Argentine Open on several occasions, as well as the Argentine Amateur Championship, the National Stroke Play Championship, the Argentine Interclubes Championship and the National Junior Tournament.

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Inaugurada en agosto de 1952 en las afueras de la ciudad de Buenos Aires, esta cancha es una de las más tradicionales y reconocidas del país. Posee una gran y colorida arboleda que rodea todos los hoyos de su recorrido. Según el set de tees a utilizar y la posición de las banderas en los veloces greens, se puede transformar en un trazado relativamente sencillo o muy complicado. Al presentar un diseño tradicional, el campo posibilita un buen recovery para el jugador, es decir que el margen de error puede ser salvado sin ser muy castigado. Sus 3 hoyos finales son muy complicados y quiénes la conocen aseguran que 3 pares son un muy buen score. Situada dentro de un “country” cuenta con seguridad privada y una tranquilidad para la práctica del deporte sorprendente.

Fue sede del Campeonato Abierto de la República en varias ocasiones. También se disputó el Campeonato Argentino de Aficionados, El Campeonato Nacional por Golpes, el Campeonato Argentino de Interclubes y El Torneo Nacional Júnior.

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Description: With colourful woodland, numerous tee boxes and large, fast greens that provide varying pin positions, Golf Club Argentino can be a relatively easy proposition or a stern, complicated layout. Rating: 4.4 out of 6 Reviews: 5

So, My first round in Argentina came on the day I landed. My twelve and half hour overnight flight landed at a similar time as if I had flown to Portugal, and I am only three hours behind London time.

Like a newly emerged butterfly my game needed a little air, To get used to the grainy grasses and aclimatise to 25 degree heat and the scented air drifting off of the blooming jacarandas.

What better place to start than Argentino? Laid down by a Argentino Golf Course - Photo by reviewer mackenzie disciple the course never intimidates you. You will not lose balls but the small targets and narrow fairways do not give up great scores unless you play well.

It was in fine condition and I was very lucky to be in the hands of Javier Pintos, Who has laid down an amzing Iinerary for my first forray into South America. We had a great game with Juliano, Alberto and Javier himself. If this is a portent of things to come I will have an amazing trip.

Argentinos main defence are the greens which sit on virtually flat land but challenge you to approach from the right side and ask you to consider where to leave your ball. There are plenty of no go areas to avoid and rewards if you read the holes and greens right. The course was accommodating for the first time player and the club is alive with members who all seemed to know each other and were very friendly to this curiosity from London. If you wish you can follow my exploits on instagram. the_barefoot_golfer.


4 / 6
December 05, 2018

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This course plays extremely different in the four seasons: firm an fast in summer, spring gets the fastest greens ever, winter turns bermuda dormant and depends on rains while fall depends on how much it rains.

This fall has started quite hot and humid, so the course still Argentino Golf Course - Photo by reviewer remains green and leaves on trees only started to turn orange/yellow/Violet in early may so we have some of the best colors ever all month. An the course supported pretty well the rain so this month it was one of the best falls ever.

Greens were not overseeded and the tifdwarf bermude still mantains good color and playability. I just wanted to share some of this picture to shot how this course can turn when our many trees decide to change colors all together.

4 / 6
June 08, 2018

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I recently had the opportunity during my first visit to Buenos Aires to visit the home course of Javier Pintos, co-owner of We Golf Argentina the #1 Golf Travel Company in Argentina.

We had a perfect day on this fun course. It’s very easy to see how great all the non-golf course aspects of this club are and the strong pull they have on someone who wants to be a member. Wonderful, friendly and genuine service, all the members talking with each other and laughing together – awesome characteristics for an ideal members club.

I believe the course has real potential but definitely needs to develop a clear long-term course direction and maintenance strategy moving forward. As with many courses in the world they have neglected the tree management and let this aspect of the course get a bit out of hand. Also they have a situation where in the past several different people have tried to put their stamp on the course which creates a bit of feeling of some holes having a completely different style than others. Javier also pointed out to me that some of these holes play completely differently than they have in the past and not always for the better. Naturally this is not ideal and affects the flow of a round both visually and from a playing perspective.

The main way you see this would be in some of the greens being completely different than others and the same with some of the bunkering.

These are not really major issues but can easily be improved with an excellent golf architect who works with the club to develop a long-term strategy.

As for the course there are many excellent and fun holes. One thing it does for sure is that it requires you be able to shape the ball in both directions to play well. From that perspective it’s really a players course and excellent players like Javier love the challenge it brings. On top of that the course has greens that were extremely difficult for me to read due to the grain. Some putts simply roll in the opposite direction to what your eye tells you. Being able to read these putts is key to scoring well on the course.

The changes I suggest above would affect the top players less than the rest of the club as the course would become far more enjoyable for all its members regardless of hcp.

My favorite hole on the front 9 was #5 which was a short par 4 with a slight dogleg right requiring the player to either hit a rescue club or long iron off the tee or shape a 3 wood or driver with a fade. The green was one of the more undulated on the front 9 sloping from front to back and protected by bunkers on the left and right side. It’s an excellent hole.

On the back 9 my favorite hole was the par 4 16th which required a solid drive with a hybrid or 3 wood as the fairway runs out around 250 yds on the right side and 270 yds on the left. What’s tricky is that the angle of approach is far better from the right so it’s advantageous to have a little longer approach. The approach flies over water to a tricky green that falls off at the front and is protected on the right side by a bunker and the left side by hump running down the side of the green waiting to repel less than perfect shots.

It’s courses like this that you really pull for and hope they will just somehow get together and bring in an expert to let them straighten things out. You know they can make it really great and way more fun for the members but there is always this hesitation or perhaps misdirection that keeps them from doing so.

As the first club in Argentina founded by Argentinean golfers (rather than British) to me they deserve to get everything they can out of their course, I for one hope they take this initiative and I’d love to return one day to see how great this course has become.

3 / 6
November 01, 2017

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Golf Club Argentino is my home course, I have played it with official hcp since I was 12 (today 41), most of my happiest golfing days have happened there and it will be a place where I will always love to play golf. The course can play totally diiferent in the 4 seasons as we have maybe 20°C difference between winter and summer. Argentino Golf Course - Photo by reviewerAnd the soil behaves differente as well from fast running fairways in winter to very well grassed Bermuda Tifway 419 in summer or early fall. Greens are TifEagle in spring and summer until re grassed in early fall to Poa Annua: tough to read, hard and fast in hot season to very true and faster in winter, small greens and tough to hold the ball. Narrow fairways, but as many trees lose their leaves in fall, in the cold season it looks wider (but it is not). Many species of trees like Oaks, Pines, Elms, Cypresses and variations of them. Lots of birds like "Teros", parrots and many more. The sensation of "pure golf" inside a very exclusive country club. It runs 6750 yards from the tips, which is not long as todays standars but it used to be in the past. All the same the course can play long in cold winter days as the ball will not fly and roll as in summer. And around the greens Argentino Golf Course - Photo by reviewerthe abscence of grass can make it really tough to get recovery. It will not be a lie if I say we play 4 different courses according to the season. Which is tougher? Long rough and grassed hot season? Poa Annua early spring greens? Come and play it, and give me your opinion. Last friday I played a regular members day with 2 friends and everything went as good as it had only once been: on February 15th 2007 I scored 65 hitting al 18 GIR, 3 par 5s in 2 and with 32 putters and 8 birdies. Last friday I tied my record with 9 birdies, 15 GIR, 2 bogeys, 8/14 FIR and in my first under par round after coming back from the long putter! Was it in tough conditions? Windy and with long rough, but hot and greens rolling at perfect 10 feet. Of course it can be tougher, but I believe this 65 is better because it was on an imperfect day for me and everything happened. It will be one of those golf days not to be forgotten!
6 / 6
February 17, 2015

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Great Parkland, where missing a shot is penalized but also there is a recovery oportunity. Small and hard greens, tifeagle in summer, poa annua in winter (April re-seeding). It is a fair course, always kept in optimum condition. It´s 3 finishing holes are maybe one of the toughest in the country. Short par 4 #5 is one of the best holes, keep the driver in your bag and try to hit a complete 2nd shot. One of the most traditional courses in Argentina.
5 / 6
December 24, 2008

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