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The Hatfield London Country Club estate was acquired in 1986 by the Tokyo Leisure Development Company and the dream was to build a second golf course as a private accompaniment to the existing Old course.

After the purchase of new land to the north of the existing Essendon property, the little-known Landscape Design Company was commissioned to layout a new course in the spirit of its Japanese owners. In 1992 the New course and clubhouse, which was built around a barn that dates back to Tudor times, opened.

Japanese owners developed a number of new golfing facilities in the London area during the late eighties and early nineties, but none, to our knowledge, match the unique details to which the New course was fashioned here at the re-branded Essendon Country Club.

Many Japanese golf courses were designed with dual greens; one seeded with cool season grass and the other with warm season grass to enable year-round play. The New course at Essendon features sixteen dual green holes, which takes time for many golfers to get used to. Each hole on the New course was planted with a specific type of tree or shrub which also provides further individuality to each hole.

The New course stretches out to around 7,000 yards but the distance of each hole will not only depend on which tee you play from, but also which green is in designated use on the day. The dual green concept provides golfers with a course that has a Jekyll and Hyde personality, where the distances and angles of approach may differ quite considerably on a day-to-day basis.

No matter what day you’re playing the New course, or which of the greens are in play, you’ll find the par five 4th a monster that measures nearly 650 yards from the tips. This hole doglegs slightly to the right and a pond to the right of the greens waits in eager anticipation to drown your ball. The par three 8th continues the theme of multiple options with its green surrounded by a U-shaped body of water. Two entirely separate teeing areas change this short hole from 99 yards to 153 yards with a totally different angle of attack.

The New course at Essendon Country Club is no longer the private reserve of its members; visiting golfers are warmly welcomed to a facility that is boldly unique.
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Description: The New course at Essendon Country Club is no longer the private reserve of its members; visiting golfers are warmly welcomed to a facility that is boldly unique. Rating: 6 out of 10 Reviews: 2
Kyle Dix

I liked both courses here, the new I found tougher than the old, but other people say they think the old is tougher.

We play here every year on a 36 hole society and get to do both courses on the same day late summertime, I would recommend this venue, the clubhouse is great, both courses are great, and different too which is nice to have.

main negative for me was I didn't get to use driver much as the holes don't really require it, didn't suit my long game at all. But the shorter hitters I played against loved that it made it more even of a game. Your iron game has to be on point to score well here.













FAVOURITE HOLE - 4th - long par 5 - approach over water

October 27, 2019
6 / 10
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When does a course called ‘New’ stop being new? Essendon’s New opened in 1992 and I suppose going by St. Andrews New course, now nearly 120 years old, the name New could be around for some-time. I first played here back in the mid 90’s and always found it a good alternate to the existing Old course. I have returned recently with a view to being more aware of the holes and the best ways to play them and I have to say that I enjoyed the course a lot. The opening two holes are fairly short par-4’s, which feels ok and can give your scorecard some early promise. The 7th is my favourite hole on the outward nine, around 400 yards dog-legging right and driving over water, this is a good looking hole. The 9th too is worth a mention, a par-5 with the third shot being key; strategic bunkering and water on the left of the green being the main problems. As mentioned in the above article, 16 holes on the course have got two greens, obviously one in play and the other saved for another day – my advice to the club would be to pick the best ones and lose the others – yes, having these are a talking point but in my opinion the course will improve when the course becomes a straight 18 holes. The last two holes are the strongest on the back nine, both par-4’s, both with water in play on the left and a par par finish must be celebrated, especially on the last which is on the limit for a par-4. My lasting feeling about the New is that with some extra attention to detail around the course and resolving the dual greens situation, then the course could be become pretty strong in the county.
September 04, 2013
6 / 10
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