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  • 10km N of Lüneburg, 1km S of St Dionys

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  • Klaus Tessnow

  • Harald Gratenau and Udo F. Barth

  • Robert Maack

The St Dionys course lies on a wonderful 225-acre site of heather, pine and birch trees just outside Hamburg, on the edge of Lüneburg Heath. Designed by Harald Gratenau and Udo F. Barth and opened in 1972, St Dionys is a fine, undulating moorland course extending to almost 6,900 yards from the championship tees.

The deforestation of the area between Hamburg, Bremen and Hannover in medieval times was due to the economic necessity of providing firewood for salt production at Lüneburg and the resultant landscape of the heath, with its naturally free-draining soil, is ideal for ensuring fairways do not become water logged during prolonged rainy periods. A few patches of heather also appear on the course but, for a full-blown reinstitution, many trees would have to go. As it is, the greenkeeping staff do a great job of removing the undergrowth, so some balls can actually be found.

Due to a recent land dispute, the club lost most of the front nine and in 2012 re-engaged the original designer to create replacement holes on an unused (and rather undulating) part of the site. This change led to a fair amount of criticism, as better players found the new holes too tight and some bounces uncontrollable, whereas older members had naturally come to love the original holes.

The club is working to mitigate some of those effects, but to the unbiased outsider, the new holes are certainly the most spectacular stretch of the journey. A case in point is the new 191-yard 6th, which is reminiscent of some of the great English par threes at courses like The Addington, in that it demands a long and accurate shot over hellish terrain to a green with fall-offs on every side.

The back nine is more subdued, even to the point where a few holes are a bit too simplistic strategically. The action picks up again towards the end of the round, although the challenges are of a more subtle nature and visually not quite as striking as on the front nine. However, the springy turf and true-rolling greens are of the same quality throughout. Altogether it’s a classy experience, added to by the very friendly atmosphere at the club.

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Description: St Dionys Golf Club is a course for the ball-striker and this undulating moorland layout is set on the edge of the glorious Lüneburg Heath. Rating: 5 out of 6 Reviews: 2

In my mind this is the second best heathland course in Germany after Hamburger Golf Club Falkenstein. Not that we have so many that it makes much sense ranking them, but here you are. St Dionys Golf Club - photo by reviewerThe attached picture shows one of the new holes, the view is from in front of the green back down towards the tee. I quite like the snaking nature of the fairway, but it's almost a double dogleg par 4, which might cause some controversy. The tee shot is blind over the ridge you can see in the background and it needs to be placed meticulously in order to get any angle into the green. I also had fun at the 3rd with its diagonal tee shot towards a central bunker, at the 4th with its devilish right pin position and perhaps a little less at the 5th. It is simply too tight, considering you'll need a monster drive, if you want to reach the green with your second over the pond. Speaking of which, the excavation is unpopular with traditionalists, but I say let it grow in and give the greenkeeper his water reservoir. In any event, the 6th makes up for every sin, it's an absolute corker. From the 9th hole onwards the terrain becomes a bit more open and flatter. The memorable holes here are the 12th, another par 3 of the highest order, and the 17th, a shortish par 4 with a clever tree protecting the inside of the dogleg. I like the club and it's solid golf throughout, so why not sneak it in at the lower end of the 5 balls category. (UM)
5 / 6
St Dionys
January 03, 2014

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A very classical course set in a forest. Nice greens and a beautiful club house. Well organized: you can start playing before the reception opens and you pay the green fee into a night box together with our name. I started at 7:30 and was the first person on the course. Saw some deer passing the fairways!
5 / 6
St Dionys
July 06, 2012

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