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Since Slovenia broke away from the former Yugoslavia in 1991, it has never looked back. Wedged in the heart of Europe, between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, it’s hardly surprising that this beautiful country is now doing very nicely for itself, thank you. Bled is certainly the place to head to if you’re a first time visitor to Slovenia, because it’s breathtakingly beautiful and perhaps the prettiest of all the Alpine resorts. Bled Lake, with its island and mountain backcloth, is a hard vista to beat.

Slovene golf history dates back to the 1930s. In those days, the sport was the preserve of the Yugoslav Royal family and visiting gentry with the game focused intently on Bled. The Golf Association of Slovenia was founded in 1992 and there are currently more than a dozen 9-hole and 18-hole Slovene golf courses, with a growing local interest in the Royal & Ancient game.

For quite a while we featured only a couple of courses for Slovenia (the King’s course at Royal Bled and Otocec) but, after visiting the country in September 2017, we decided to establish a Top 5 Golf Courses of Slovenia chart by adding Arboretum, Ptuj and Diners to the national rankings. Click the link to read the story.

Our rankings of the Top 5 Golf Courses of Slovenia were last updated in February 2020. Click the link to read the story.

Top 100 Golf Courses - Slovenia

Royal Bled (King's)

1st Slovenia Ranking

The King’s course re-opened in the summer of 2017 after an extensive renovation program by Swan Golf Designs, returning the course to its position as Central Europe’s premier golf destination.


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2nd Slovenia Ranking

One of Marco Croze's later projects was here at Golf Arboretum, where he fashioned a 9-hole course for the club in 1998, returning three years later with Peter Škofic to add another nine.


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Grad Otocec

3rd Slovenia Ranking

Nestled in the hilly region of Dolenjska, close to the flowing waters of the River Krka, the golf course at Grad Otocec is the result of a collaboration between Howard Swan and local architect Peter Škofic...


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4th Slovenia Ranking

The golf course at Ptuj Golf Club lies a couple of kilometres from Ptuj Castle with fairways laid out as two returning nines inside a 52-hectare property that’s largely devoid of any serious contours.


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Diners CUBO

5th Slovenia Ranking

Construction work on the first nine holes at Diners Golf Course (now called Diners CUBO Golf Course Ljubljana) started in early 2007 under the direction of architect Peter Škofic, with the second nine added a year later.


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Slovenia Leaderboard

Rank Name Courses Played
1 Jim McCann Courses Played 5
2 Clayto Jones Courses Played 4
3 Sandro M. Muffat Courses Played 3
4 Andy Courses Played 2
5 Scarlett Courses Played 1
6 Simon Bale Courses Played 1
7 Nick Roberts Courses Played 1
8 Phil Bonsall Courses Played 1
9 Peter Wood Courses Played 1
10 Ulrich Mayring Courses Played 1